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The Rivalry Is NOT Back! Plus A Great Anti-Yanks Rant

4th and Goal

I can't tell you how many times this week I have heard " the rivalry is back", referring to the Yankees and the Sox. Please stop. It's not back.

Just because the Yankees will be paying Bill Gates type money to an overrated player, does not make this rivalry back.

I'll give New York a little credit. They seem to have found a way to make Aaron Judge look like a better hitter this year. Giancarlo Stanton, The Yanks new prized possession, is finding out the hard way that it's not all wine and roses when you aren't batting against all the chumps in the N.L. East.

So, because ESPN is madly in love with all things Yankees, including their former horrible color analyst now being their manager, they will continue to promote this as the greatest thing ever. Like they did with Judge, they will ignore the strikeout numbers. They will ignore the horrible batting average. They will continue to push this Sox vs. Yanks " rivalry".

Personally, I like my rivalries to be between two teams with winning records.

One thing that does lend a little interest to the match up is the fact that New York seems to have the dirtiest player in the game on their roster. Well, once he's done with his suspension for being a dirty player ,he will be back on the roster. (appeal pending)

A suspension, I might add, that isn't nearly long enough.

A blatant and egregious attempt to injure another player should warrant a bit more than five games off. It's total garbage that Joe Kelly got a longer suspension than Tyler Austin. Austin made a total cheap and dirty play and Kelly did the absolute right thing to make him pay for that.

Instead of owning it , like a man, Austin decided to charge the mound and start a brawl. Somehow, based on the length of the suspensions, that is Joe Kelly's fault?

I guess it should come as no surprise though, given that a Yankee is in charge of discipline for Major League Baseball. Yeah, that's not transparent at all.

Joe Torre should have recused himself and Rob Manfred should have stepped in and earned some of his inflated salary for once.

So here's hoping that the Sox keep winning, the Yanks keep losing and that Giancarlo Stanton gets to the 250 strikeouts that he is on pace to get.

That would be truly magical.

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