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McKay Does Stand-Up Comedy: "So What's The Deal With Hanley's Bling?"

I think for me it started with Andy Rooney. Remember him? He was the curmudgeon featured weekly on the ground-breaking television-journalism show “60 Minutes” (tick-tick-tick-tick tick.)

Andy, famous for his unkempt eyebrows, was even more famous for starting each of his segments with “What’s the deal with: (fill-in the blank.)” Topics included anything from why cereal boxes are so hard to open, to why he always got stuck with the grocery cart with a bum wheel. Rooney had a way of connecting his observations to subjects we all could relate to.

As we watched Andy, I could sense millions of other viewers nodding their heads in agreement as Andy spouted-off about one thing or the other. Of course, Jerry Seinfeld made a career out of this sort of observational humor. “What’s the deal with packing peanuts, anyways?”

Thanks to Rooney and then Seinfeld, these words often tumble out of my pie-hole when watching one thing or the other on the tube with the Mrs. In fact, it happened just this past week as we were watching with delight as the Sox crushed the Yanks.

“Hey,” I blurted as the Fabulous Judester rolled her eyes in an effort at a preemptive strike to get me to hush-up. But of course, I kept it rolling. “Hey, what’s the deal with all the jewelry these baseball players are wearing these days?” Seriously, what’s up with that? How does it work when the players are suiting-up? Do they pull on the stirrups, pants and shirt, and then look in the mirror and ask: “Hmmm….what necklace will go with my outfit tonight?”

Have you seen Hanley? He’s having a heck of a year at the plate so far, but he looks like he’s after a Mr. T impersonation with all the bling piled around his neck. I keep thinking the braided one will smack a BB off the monster, only to entangle himself in flurry of bling and braids while scooting to first base.

And while we’re at it, what is Mookie sporting this year? Yeah, his usual thick gold chain, but it looks like there is some sort of appendage dangling from the chain. So it appears to me his bling actually has its own bling.

Maybe my observations are especially keen in this area, because of a certain Little Leaguer playing first base for the Giants at the Orono Park Street field in 1971 was told to take off a macramé necklace he had made that day during town rec, much to the young man’s embarrassment. Perhaps that little kid is rebelling within me as I watch the Bosox on the tube: “Hey, if I couldn’t wear bling back in the day, why can they??”

Gotta say though, if they keep pounding the Yanks and dominating the AL East, I’m just fine with the baubles and trinkets jangling around the necks of the Sox dudes. Keep it up boys, and I’ll even donate my vintage handmade macramé bling!

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