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Jack Edwards Needs to Chill on Social Media

It's not just heart-stopping game action that makes postseason sports - in particular the Stanley Cup playoffs - must-see TV.

I'll admit, a big reason I broke into the sports reporting business was listening to Marv Albert call the NBA on NBC every Sunday in the 1990's. It didn't matter who was playing, although this Celtics fan loved watching Michael Jordan play. Hearing "YES, and it COUNTS!" was a childhood staple.

Fast-forward about two decades, and there are some announcers who have talent, yet make a stink on social media when their plug gets pulled for a night.

I'm talking about NESN play by play man Jack Edwards.

Generally, NESN airs the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs when the Bruins are involved, the way NBC Sports Boston does for the Celtics, but occasionally the big networks want to pick up prime-time matchups.

That was the case for Saturday night's Game 2 between the Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs, where NESN was relegated to pre- and post-game coverage while NBC's top crew of Mike Emrick, Mike Millbury and Pierre McGuire were on the call.

I have a lot of respect for Edwards as a broadcaster, but he seemed to make a bit of a stink on Twitter with this post before the game

I get it. Bruins fans have had the pleasure of listening to Edwards and Andy Brickley over an 82-game regular season along with some playoff games.

But, as far as the top major network broadcast teams go in the four major sports, Emrick is as good as it gets, and nobody else is even close. When former University of Maine players are on the ice, guys named Walsh, Gendron, Whitehead and Standbrook often get deserved praise from Emrick.

Edwards and Brickley will be back to their normal duties for Game 3, and Bruins fans should enjoy them because once the B's finish the Leafs off, they'll be in the studio for the rest of the postseason.

And I hope Edwards doesn't make any more social media stinks about it, and just enjoys the ride.

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