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The Sox are 8-1, But Now The Season Really Begins

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m freaking thrilled the Sox have the best record in baseball, a 2 ½ game lead in the AL East, and at 8-1 are off to the best start in franchise history. I’m all in on Cora’s crew and picked them to win 95 games and a division title.

But let’s be real for just a moment. Tampa. Miami. Tampa. The Sox front office must have made a sacrifice the size of Pablo Sandoval to the scheduling gods. Nine games against Triple A teams to start a season? That’s a gift from above.

I love the wins, but honestly the team with the highest payroll in baseball should dominate against two franchises that deserve to be folded.

The Derek Jeter led Marlins talent dump is well documented. Tampa doesn’t even have many starting pitchers. They use a starter by committee approach a couple of times each rotation. If either team loses less than 100 games this year I’ll be as stunned as a Florida senior citizen who finds out the all you can eat buffet went up a buck.

The 2017 Sox season kicks off Tuesday at 7pm when the Yankees come to town.

Now, the boys from the Bronx have largely bombed this year. They are just 5-5 and Gene Carlo Stanton strikes out more than a pale chubby guy from Maine in a South Beach night club. (Don’t ask me how I know.)

But make no mistake; they are a real Major League baseball team. The Sox have their playoff rotation set of Sale, Price and Porcello, three pitchers who have salaries equal to the Rays whole payroll, to face the Yanks at Fenway. Winning less than two out of three will be a gut punch. Baltimore is in next and then it’s off to the west coast to face the red-hot Angels.

The Red Sox extended spring training against Florida teams has been fun. But now the season gets underway. Let’s see how “Alex The Great” and the boys do against bonafide MLB talent.

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