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UMaine Should Add Lacrosse, Plus Rants on Hoops, Hockey and More


Huge congrats to Coach Richard Barron on his appointment to Head Coach of our Men's basketball program. This was truly a no brainer! After a former women's basketball player left the women's team in ruins as a failed coach, Mr. Barron came in and brought it back from the dead and now, under Coach Amy Vachon, the women are back atop the America East mountain.

Coach Vachon did a great job this year, but a lot of the credit has to fall at the feet of Coach Barron. I am personally looking forward to seeing the same result with the men's program. If he can get the Men's program into the NCAA tournament , we will need to start discussing renaming a street and erecting a statue in his honor.


Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer for the announcement of the next Athletic Director of The University of Maine. Here is my first suggestion for our new AD. Create a Men's Lacrosse program!

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country. Maine High Schools now have 17 boys teams participating. Maine, along with it's bratty little sister New Hampshire, are the only 2 schools in America East without a Lacrosse program. Albany is currently the #1 team in the country .

Find a way to get Maine on board. It will take a little creativity and probably some hurt feelings, as due to good ole Title IX , you can't just add a team like this out of the blue.

The second suggestion is to start the process of a new hockey arena. Whether that is paying the city of Bangor to put ice in the Cross Center, or starting a fundraising campaign to build a new state of the art facility on campus. It's long overdue and the program deserves it.

Coach Gendron has the team trending in the right direction. I was very happy to see him get a much deserved contract extension this week. Now that's out of the way he can continue to recruit at a high level and develop these players without having to worry about his job status.

Maine was very competitive this year. I realize it's not horseshoes and that almost doesn't count at the end of the day, but from a big picture perspective, this season was very promising.

Our esteemed host of the Chowdah, Jeff Solari said he expects two NCAA tourney appearances in these next three seasons. (Chowdah video of the week) That's beyond fair, but I will not be shocked if the number ends up being three with at least 1 outright Hockey East Championship.


Maine baseball returns home this weekend . I sincerely hope people will turn out and support this team. It costs nothing to get into the games. Exactly zero dollars !!! So, what better way to emerge from the doldrums of winter than with some free baseball!

The Maine roster features several kids from right in the Bangor area. It also includes the #4 ranked Shortstop in the entire country, Jeremy Pena. This kid is special and will, without a doubt, be the next player from UMaine to be drafted by Major League baseball. So get out and see him while you can. It's baseball and it's free. Y'all have no excuses.

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