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Here's What March Madness Looks Like Up Close

There is a first time for everything. The first time you drive a car, the first time you have an adult beverage, and of course, the first time you kiss a girl. Often, first times can be awkward, but they are something you will never forget.

I’m 41 years old and I was like a kid in a candy store over the weekend, as I attended my first NCAA men’s tournament basketball games. It wasn’t awkward at all. It was awesome!

I went to the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight East Regional games in Boston. No offense to Maine, but this ain’t your typical game at the Cross Center. This is big boy stuff.

Here are a few takeaways.

Villanova is really good. They are fast, hit big shots and they have a huge fanbase. Many were there supporting Nova Nation on Friday and Sunday. The other teams there (Texas Tech, Purdue, and West Virginia) just couldn’t match them man for man. Nova was the best team in the region and proved it.

Next, there were over 38,000 people at TD Garden over the weekend, 19,000 each of the two days. And while college basketball, and all sports are maybe in a bit of a ratings slump, the Northeast is still hot for basketball. The crowds were loud and proud for their teams.

One negative note: TV timeouts. There are way too many of them. I understand CBS needs ad revenue to keep this tourney coverage going, but the games are too long. Give me more court action and not more time watching them huddle up on the sidelines. But that’s a real small negative.

I love college basketball, and this weekend just strengthened that sentiment. Give me this event over the Super Bowl, World Series, or anything else. Well, maybe not the Pro Bowl.(sarcasm.) Enjoy the week and the Final Four. I know I will.

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