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2018 Red Sox: Get Ready To Order Those World Series Rings

So here we are.... a few days away from the crack of the bat, the smell of fresh cut grass as well as the smell or grilled meat up and down Yawkey Way.

Hope springs eternal for the boys of summer who have a new power hitter, a new manager, and new dreams of another World Series title...

All the hype in Major League Baseball this off season has been about the Yankees and rightfully so. They have one of the best lineups in modern day baseball history (on paper) and a rock solid bullpen. They also have one of the best young pitchers in the game in Luis Severino. They will score a ton of runs and will be a nightmare matchup for most.

That’s a good thing for Red Sox nation. This will not exactly be Lou Pinella, Greg Nettles, Reggie Jackson hate-able Yankees, but the rivalry is definitely back on. Anytime the Sox and Yanks are two of the best teams, it’s good for baseball.

Now to our beloved Sox.

You look at the roster and think, this team should win the World Series. Period. Sale, Price, and Kimbrel are three of the best at their positions. Price comes with obvious question marks.

Betts, Benintendi, Bogaerts, Bradley, Ramirez and Martinez can hurt you I’m so many ways. All of them, besides Betts, come with question marks. If all of them perform? Get your fingers sized for rings. If not? It could be a long, what went wrong, kind of season.

I’m excited, optimistic, ready to see if Alex Cora can get this young bunch inspired to meet it’s potential.. The win, dance, repeat, schtick is cute, but win, win, and win more would be more satisfying.

I’ll leave you with this: Look at the Yankees roster and the ages of their players, look at the Red Sox roster and do the same, would you swap entire rosters with New York or do you like Boston’s better? Not just for this year but for the next handful... things that make you go hmmmmmmm......

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