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Sure The Weather Sucks, But March Is An Awesome Sports Month

As I sit in my den catching up on some long overdue paperwork and staring out the window on this beautiful March day, the first thought that comes to my mind is, at this rate, my kids are going to be going to school until July. Having used up the allotted three snow days that the state allows before the turn of the calendar year, and having added on a couple more days already with possibly another storm coming this week, Mother Nature has once again let us feel her wrath right when we thought the end was near.

Honestly though, who are we kidding? Yes, we could see a lot of grass, albeit brown grass, but still it was exposed grass on lawns all over the area. Snow piles that accumulated and never melted during the single digit temperature days of December and January were slowly starting to dissipate. Sprinkle in a few 55-degree days here and there and we were already dusting off the life jackets and polishing up the golf clubs. Silly us, because as Mainers we should’ve know better. Mother Nature is just another woman in our life that we can’t control and definitely can’t predict.

March doesn’t have to be so bad though. In fact, in the sports world, this could be one of the greatest times of year.

Spring Training is in full effect and it looks like the Yanks/Sox Rivalry has been renewed with the addition of some key players for both squads. Golf is a couple tournaments in to the 2018 Year and the biggest surprise is that Tiger is actually playing in tournaments and not pulling out halfway through the second round due to another nagging back injury. With The Masters right around the corner there should be some great viewership for CBS if Tiger can at least make the weekend. Will he win? No, but just Tiger playing again spikes ratings and garners interest.

The NFL just had their Combine in Indy this past weekend for those die-hard statisticians that like to keep the sport relevant year-round. The NBA and NHL are in the last quarter of their seasons and thus making each and every game important for those teams who are looking to earn a playoff spot and make a run through the grueling playoff series that each League endures.

Most importantly though, we are right on the heels of The NCAA Tournament. The field is chosen, and the nation has three days to fill out as many brackets as possible with as many combinations as possible to decide a National Champion. For those of you who do a “Bracket of Integrity”, one bracket, "May the Force Be with You." Then come Thursday, noon time Eastern, on multiple channels is the first tip off of March Madness. Two weeks of around the clock basketball full of Cinderella Stories, nail-biters and the customary No.12 over a No.5 Seed upset.

So, let Mother Nature throw at us what she wants. Like I said before, we are Mainers.

Yes, we are ready for spring and ultimately the few enjoyable summer months but we are built for adversity and with all the sports viewing options we have at our finger tips over the next couple months, a few more reasons to stay inside now never hurt anyone.

On a side note, St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday this year, so please plan accordingly.

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