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Coach Hoodie May Not Care About Facebook, But He Sure Wants To Be Around People He Likes

What happened to in Bill we trust? Does the benching of Malcolm Butler make you view the hooded one in a different light? I have to admit that for the first time in nearly two decades I’m questioning his decision making.

The word coming out of Foxboro is that Bill now “only wants to coach players he likes.” WHAT!!?!? I like a grand total of around 11 people in my entire life. He wants to only coach a roster of 53 people he likes???

If you take a step back and look at the bigger moves made over the past few years,. it’s apparent that it’s true. Beyond that, he only makes deals with the people he likes AND when it’s time to move on from he sends HIS guys i.e. Jimmy G and Randy Moss to places they want to be.

Just take the Garrapolo trade as the example.

Look around at the current market for quarterbacks – the league’s premium position – and you are telling me if the bidding was opened up league wide the return wouldn’t have been more than a second round pick?

Bill likes the Shannahan clan as they supposedly stuck up for him during Deflategate. So he took the QB he liked, traded him to the son of the coach he liked, and sent him to the west coast, only to be heard from only in the Super Bowl should they meet again.

Other guys that weren’t in the club, Chandler Jones, Jamie Collins and more became castaways for minimal return. Both of those guys could play. On a defense that leaked like a sieve in the Super Bowl it would have been nice to have had a little speed on that side of the ball.

As the sands falls through the Belichick hour glass in Foxoboro, the man we once all put our unquestioned trust in has given us reason to question him.

Is he Howard Hughes hold up in a hotel room at the end of his life? We aren’t there yet. But perhaps we should keep a closer eye on Foxboro.

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