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March Madness Has a Whole Different Meaning Here In Maine

Back in my WLBZ-TV days, I felt it was my duty as one of the elders (actually, toward the end of my time at the station, the eldest) on the staff to prepare reporters fresh out of college, especially if they were from regions south of Kittery, about the reality of March in Maine.

“Don’t be fooled,” I would warn them, “even though the end of February means the end of winter wherever it is you came from, March is a WINTER month here in Maine.”

My advice typically fell on deaf ears. “The weather geek is an alarmist,” they likely thought to themselves… “He’s been spending too much time geeking-out with the computer models.”

It was painful to watch each year as we broke the February finish-line and sauntered into the month of March. “Hip-hip, hooray! We made it through our first Maine winter!” they would foolishly exclaim while high-fiving other newbie reporters who were younger than most of my ties. Initially, I would politely remind them of my earlier words of warning. But over the years, I figured the youngsters needed to learn the hard lesson from Mom Nature themselves. March is a winter month in Maine!

Um…..please tell me you haven’t fallen into this same trap?

Yeah, I know…it’s been really balmy as of late, and our snowbanks have been shrinking like crazy. But you really don’t think spring is here, do you? Don’t get sucked into the hype! Say it with me: “March is a winter month in Maine!” The more you say it, the more you protect yourself from unrealistic expectations and bitter disappointment when you find yourself shoveling snow off your driveway for the umpteenth time.

Case in point: a year ago, that’s right, March of 2017, 17” of snow piled-up in our beloved state. March of 2015? 16” of snow. Not long ago we even had 15” of snow… APRIL!

So watch yourself, dear reader. Balmy breezes and shrinking snowbanks at the end of February don’t mean nothin’! Kind of like the Red Sox going 6-1 at the beginning of spring training, and thinking they’re a shoe-in for the World Series. Let’s get real, y’all!

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