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Snuff The Torch! Mercifully the Olympics are Gone and Will Soon Be Forgotten.

So glad this nonsense is over. Normally I find the Olympics more boring than paint drying, but this year it was like paint drying on grass growing.

Once again the games were held a billion miles away so they were aired at ridiculous hours of the night and early morning. So, on the off chance there was an event that you actually cared about, say Men's Curling, you had to stay up until 3 in the morning to see who actually won.

To make matters even worse, if you somehow don't have certain cable stations as part of your TV package, you miss out entirely. NBC will no doubt cry and whine about ratings but they need look no further than the mirror. Putting marquis events like hockey and curling on sub stations like CNBC and NBCSports , which many people don't get, meant nobody could watch, even if they wanted to. Horrible programming decisions up and down the lineup.

Another key to the low ratings might be the fact that Team USA, as a whole was woefully embarrassing this time around. A dismal, and I mean DISMAL 4th place finish in overall medals. The crown jewel of embarrassment? Look no further than women's figure skating. A 15 year old from Russia won the gold medal. 15 years old. The USA struggled to a 9th place finish. You read that right. 9th place.

Now I ask you. Who wanted it more?

What would the Olympics be without some controversy?

Well, manufactured controversy by people who no doubt think that everyone deserves a trophy. After Canada failed to win the gold in women's hockey, Jocelyn Larocque took off her silver medal. She was summarily blasted for being a bad sport. I stood and applauded her!

You don't go to the Olympics to not win. It's not an acceptable outcome. The world I suppose, but certainly in this country, has this way of thinking that if you participate, you should get a trophy or a ribbon or an ice cream. Something. You don't have to earn it, you just have to show up and you will be rewarded.

Maybe that's connected to the embarrassing showing by the athletes of this country in 2018. Ms. Larocque was unfairly blasted and then basically shamed into apologizing for her actions. That was disappointing. Nobody should apologize for being upset that they didn't win.

Shame on everyone that criticized her. The Charmin disease has officially permeated the Olympic games and that is a crying shame. Just because little Johnny tried hard does not entitle him to a trophy, or in this case a medal. Abolish Silver and Bronze medals. It should be gold or go home. Nobody will remember, if they ever knew, who won the silver medal in women's figure skating. But they will remember that a 15 year old crushed the world. So, for 2018 my hat is off to the 9 Gold Medal winners from the United States. To the rest of you , thanks for playing, do you want chocolate or vanilla? Sprinkles or hot fudge?

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