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Who Can Watch The Olympics? Yawn. Plus Rants on U Maine Baseball and Hockey

I guess in the grand scheme of things, we should be grateful that there is news coming out of a Korea that doesn't involve a psychopath with nuclear weapons. I just can't get fired up about the Olympics. Mostly because of the mundane events that are simply as boring as watching paint dry, or should I say water freezing.

Plus the time difference sucks. I'm not staying up until 3 a.m. to watch luge or women's hockey between Switzerland and Japan. (With all due respect to these two fine hockey programs.)

Another problem is that unless you are a relative, you probably can't name three members of Team USA total. So, sign me up for a massive yawn until Men's hockey starts, or finishes. Without the NHL players, this team is largely anonymous as well. Maybe, like in 1980, by a miracle on ice they won't be anonymous anymore, but I doubt it.

One good thing about the Olympics starting, is that it means baseball season is very near! College baseball starts this Friday!! I'm looking forward to a trip to Texas to see the Maine Black Bears take on Texas Tech.

I am very excited about this years team and it's prospects for winning the America East Championship in Orono on Mahaney Diamond. If you like baseball , commit your weekends to going to Orono and supporting this group of kids! They work extremely hard and are great representatives of the great State of Maine. It's been a long cold winter. Some baseball will do us all good! Spring training will be here soon as well and all will be right with the world.


I'm quite excited about the progress that Maine hockey has made this season! It seems that Coach Red has got his group and they have it figured out! I still see some growing pains with penalties and the like but this team is poised to host a playoff series and perhaps even make it to Boston for the Hockey East Final Four.

I think we can announce that Hockey is back! It also does my heart good to see , as Maine is returning to relevance, New Hampshire is poised to finish last in the league. Maybe this success will lead to meaningful discussions and actions towards a new hockey arena for the Black Bears, but that's a rant for another day!

I would be remiss if I didn't also give props to our Women's hockey team! They have been a solid nationally ranked team for a lot of this season, and could make the NCAA field for, what I believe, will be the first time in school history this spring!


High School basketball tournaments are beginning ! Here is hoping for a repeat of Class B from last year and another Gold Ball for MDI!!! Even with football officially over, February feels like the best sports month on the calendar, even if it's the coldest! Bring on Spring. Go Maine! Go MDI and Go USA.

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