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Musings on Screwing The Colts, Fireball, Old Cars, and Just Why Doesn't Bill Like Malcolm?

Let’s just talk about the Patriots. They lost the Super Bowl. It stinks. How did you take it? Was there a lack of pep in your step on Monday morning? It’s ok. An entire region of the country woke up hungover and in an awful mood. At least I tell myself that so I don’t feel guilty because I let the outcome of a game dictate my life.

As the final seconds ticked away grief hit me. I have worked my way through the stages… Denial – they can still pull this out. All Tommy needs is a little time. Anger – a reverse on the kickoff? Are you joking me? Bargaining - maybe if drink all this Fireball it’s effects will karmically help the Patriots. Depression – the Patriots lost, I have to go to work and I feel like I drank a bunch of Fireball last night. Acceptance – Tommy’s Patriots are 5-3 in the big game. They will still have him next year and are going to be right back in the thick of things.

Before I move on, IMO, if the Devil were to own and operate his own bar I feel as though Fireball and Bud Light would be served exclusively. Philly fans would fill the place and they would constantly laugh at the Dilly Dilly commercials and think they were being hilarious by changing the words to Philly Philly.

Back to the Pats, hot take time.

Bill Belichick doesn’t like Malcolm Butler. Butler wasn’t on the flight to Minnesota with the rest of the team because he was sick. Bill likes things done his way and not traveling with the team wasn’t cool with BB. Bill thought that the Pats could beat the Eagles without him.

Let’s be honest, if Tom doesn’t fumble with 2:09 left – he’s probably right. Simple as that. Butler is gone after this year and Bill wanted to stick it to him. Stick it to him he did. Would he have helped, sure, he’s pretty good. Those were feelings I had before I worked through my grief and Fireball and arrived at acceptance.

Josh McDaniels, love that he stuck it to the Colts. I actually believe that he valued what he has in New England and the offer from Bill to let him look behind the curtain and learn the ways of the force was an offer he couldn’t refuse. Would you rather drive a ’63 Corvette with some miles on the tires (Brady) or a 2013 Honda that once you got the CarFax report on – you learned it had been in a couple accidents and might not even run! (Luck)

As Pats fans we once again got to enjoy all that comes with them being a part of the Super Bowl. Two weeks of fun leading up to the game. They lost. It happened. They still have Tom. That’s enough for me. On to next year.

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