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Boston Area About to Open Two New Axe Bars

Is your regular old sports bar not cutting it? Well these new Axe Bars might be just the place for you.

Yup. In the greater Boston area you can now grab a beer, catch the Sox on TV, and if you have an axe to grind with an umpires call, you can throw an axe wicked hard at a target.

It's probably a good thing these places were not open last week for the Pats Super Bowl loss, or any games John Farrell managed the past few years.

Given our outdoor nature here in Maine, I'm sure one of these bars will be open here soon.

Now I don't want to single anyone out, but I have, and I bet you have, some friends who sometimes need a chaperon in a regular bar. Somehow arming these folks with an axe doesn't seem like a sharp idea. But according to a recent article in, axe bar patrons should expect to leave with just as many limbs as they had when they arrived. An "Axepert" will provide the necessary training. Apparently each target is walled off so you won't aim at the wrong target.

One of the bar owners also says nobody will be in harms way if everyone does their throwing safely and according to the rules. I think that sentence applies to everything in life, yet I have friends who get hurt at bowling after a few too many brews.

Maybe we can handle thee types of establishments in New England, but based on what I saw in Philly last week, they might want to delay opening an Axe bar there for a bit.

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