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Pats Fans, Beware: There are Bumps in The Road Ahead.

In the interest of full disclosure, this article was written before the Super Bowl was over. That way I would not get accused of being a Monday morning quarterback.

Next season is going to be a struggle for the Patriots, and even if that’s relative, it will still be harder than what we have been used to in a long time around these parts.

Here’s what we do now, Matt Patricia is leaving, so is Josh McDaniels. Those may not seem significant, but in my opinion, they really are.

The Patricia loss, I think will hurt less than McDaniels. The defense was the weakest part of this team over the last few years, so I think replacing him will be easier of the two.

Replacing McDaniels will be a problem. Tom Brady as we have all learned and watched, is a creature of habit. Meticulous with detail, doesn’t like to be uncomfortable. You are going to be taking away his security blanket next year. It certainly does not set the team up for abject failure, but there will absolutely be growing pains, learning curves, and likely disappointment in results, especially early.

Add to the fact that the greatest quarterback of all time will be one year older, and you don’t know what you’ll be getting from Edelman coming off of season ending surgery, many more questions than answers heading into next year.

And finally, I have written in these pages before that I do believe there was some truth to the national article that spoke of discourse in Patriot nation. I’m not going to pretend to be close enough to the situation to tell you that Bill Belichick will be leaving the team. But I wrote awhile ago that of the three key components to that team, he’s the most likely to go first. And I still believe that is very true. I think it will be very interesting in the coming weeks what stories start to leak out, and the great hoodie, may in fact be done in New England.

Which leads me to my caveat. If Belichick does in fact leave, and the people inside the organization know it’s going to happen. Maybe McDaniels doesn’t go anywhere, becomes the head coach, and some of the anticipated offensive problems would be diminished.

Like I said, lots of questions. Here is something that does not need an answer. Last nights Super Bowl was amazing. Great entertainment. High drama, and even if it wasn’t the outcome a lot of people were looking for, it doesn’t take away from how special the Super Bowl is and what an amazing time this is to be a Patriots fan.

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