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It's The End of The World As We Know It. And I Don't feel Fine.

Let me see if I got this right: Tom Brady throws for record 505 yards and 3 touchdowns.

The team racks up more than 600 yards and scores 33 points and become the first Superbowl team never send the punter on the field. And they lose?

Basically because Matt Patricia's "bend but don’t break" defense shattered like DJ Nana’s hip after a slip on the ice. It all makes me sicker than watching Eli and OBJ Dirty Dancing.

So what began in 2002 in New Orleans as a fourteen point underdog, an upset of the "Greatest Show on Turf" and “We Are All Patriots” now ends with the evil giant laying dead on a field in frigid Minneapolis. This monster was slayed by a David who had not won a title in 20,859 days.

As the videos of the Philly faithful doing insane stuff fill my Twitter feed, the Pats head out of town under the cover of darkness with no need to find space for one more Lombardi Trophy image on the tail of their private jet.

But the team, and I mean entire franchise, is at a fork in the road. And as Yogi once said, they must take it.

Next season New England will still have Brady, the reigning league MVP, which will surely cause the muskets to fire at Gillette many times. He is not retiring.

But there will be many other major changes.

For starters, Rob Gronkowski is considering early retirement. He has had a slew of injuries and of course that concussion a couple of weeks ago.

Malcom Butler saw the field as much as the Pats punter last night, in a game where the Pats defense couldn't stop a Pop Warner team. He made Coach Bill mad. Really mad apparently. The clock has expired on Butler's Cinderella story at Patriots Place.

Matt Patrica is getting tossed to the the Lions. Good riddance. Overall he did well serving The Hooded One. But I'm ready for someone new. His group dug Brady a nearly inescapable hole versus Atlanta and he coudn't come up with even one scheme to slow the immortal Nick Foles, or even Pat's reject Blount.

Josh McDaniels might be trying his luck with the Colts. Maybe.

After this loss, and from what I have seen recently from the genius with the hood, I think BB might have something up his cutoff sleeves. I am more than half convinced that he steps aside in the next week or so.

Bill will be sixty six years old and is already the greatest coach of all time. The grey haired big guy upstairs made him trade Jimmy G for peanuts. For real, this might be it.

Sure, my head might not be in a great place right now following that loss and after the barrage of Tide commercials. But I think change is in the air in Foxboro. As REM says "It's the end of the world as we know it." But I don’t feel fine.

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