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Hope Springs Eternal

Falling flakes and bitter wind chills got you down, chummy? Take heart, I am the bearer of good news today. Don’t get me wrong-winter clearly has us in its icy grip…we have a long way to go before swatting any blackflies. However, there are reasons to be encouraged. In fact, included in this blog are five reasons to be hopeful, particularly if you are a Solari-type: a genuine hater of all things winter.

1) Ground hog day is in our rear view mirror. Nobody north of whatever rat-hole Puxatony Phil peers out of takes the rodent’s weather prognostications seriously (Six more weeks of winter, Phil? No *&#@% Sherlock!) But the fact that the dopey ground hog has come and gone is an important benchmark. It means the loooooooooong month of January is out of here.

2) As of the end of December, we’ve gained well over a half-hour of daylight. Less dark, more light. Who isn’t encouraged by that?

3) Pitchers and catchers will soon depart for Dixie. Official start of spring training is February 14th. The sight of the Bosox equipment bus heading south is magical elixir for we people left in its wake.

4) The sun is more potent! In late December and early January, it seems the sun barely skims our horizon for a couple of hours, then disappears again to reunite with the snowbirds in orange-picking land. But as February trucks along, the sun soars higher in the sky, which means the “rays” of the sun become more direct, which produces more melting. More melting produces more happiness.

5) High school tourney time. This is the big one for me. In my years of weather guessing on TV and radio, the high school b-ball tournament was always, and is still, an important benchmark for me. The intensity of winter is gone, March is almost here, and the meanest of the winter cold has retreated north of the border where it belongs. For sure, March is still a winter month in Maine. We experience snowstorms that belong in the whopper category in our neck of the woods. But it seems we are able to tolerate them a bit more, since if you look carefully over the 8 foot snowbank at the end of your driveway, old man winter is starting to whimper.

Take heart, my fellow frozen friends! We’ve got a ways to go, but the end is…….almost……in sight. With hearts and hopes lifted, it’s now time to turn our attention to more important matters. Do you suppose the Sox will find a big bat for the middle of their line-up?

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