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Roll Tide Pods Roll

When I was young I would pass my time walking around the house with some duct tape, a ball of yarn and some gum wrappers and try to make improvised devices to get myself out of imaginary sticky situations. Yes, I constantly emulated MacGyver because Richard Dean Anderson was, at the time, very cool. I actually referred to myself as MikeGyver for a brief period of time. That was how I passed my time and kept myself amused.

(Side note, CBS’s reboot of MacGyver lacked the enigmatic star power that RDA brought to the show. Some things should be left in the past.)

Now kids are taking to their local grocery store, hitting the cleaning isle and purchasing Tide Pods to do what?Eat them. You have got to be kidding me!?! Eating laundry detergent!?! Gronk had to do a PSA on social media to explain the dangers of eating Tide Pods. Target has locked up their Tide Pod bags in containers that only adults can purchase. Please let this phase pass as quick as possible, please. I just had to get that off my chest.

What else. Ah yes. We see ourselves a week out from Super Bowl LII. And look who is representing the AFC once again this year. The good ol’ New England Patriots led by Belichick and Brady, two guys who give the media absolutely nothing to work with when it comes to the weekly pre and post-game interviews.

The Hoodie has some of the most amazing sound bites when it comes to responding to some lowlyreporters poorly chosen questions. If you have a chance you should just Google “Bill Belichick Press Conferences” and sit back and enjoy. The man of little words seems to always have the perfect answer.

This week is Media Week and should be filled with many great sound bites for all us fans to enjoy. Then Sunday is the Big Game. The Philadelphia Eagles come in for a rematch for which they have been waiting a long time. Even after Carson Wentz went down with a season ending injury and the hopes of a Super Bowl berth looked to slip away, Nick Foles has lead the Eagles to the Championship Game with some very impressive playoff wins.

This matchup should give the millions of viewers what they want to see, two very competitive teams with high powered offenses battling it out for a chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Of course, we watch for the commercials too, let’s not kid ourselves. Bet there won't be any Tide Pod spots.

Oh, and the snacks. Oh man do we like to do it up when it comes to Super Bowl snacks. I like to keep it simple. Some wings, some sort of dip and possibly a pizza. Don’t want to over indulge but also want to have options.

Back to the game- TB12 is looking to start a ring collection on two hands. Gisele will have a tweet or two that will mean no harm but will surely be taken the wrong way. Belichick will verbally bury some reporter by speaking no more than ten words. Ahhhh, Super Bowl week is always a great time of year here in Maine.. So, get your best party recipes ready and hit Sam’s Club early in the week to avoid the last-minute rush. We should be in for a real treat.

Me, I already got my snacks ready. Now we wait. Enjoy the game fans.

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