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Pats Will Win Again- And Us Non-Pats Fans Will Die A Little More

Here we go...the week leading up to Super Bowl 52l. No more talking about a week away, now it’s just days and hours. While everyone outside of New England and the snowbirds in Florida become huge Philadelphia Eagles fans, fans like me who have no horse in the race, have to root for a team they really don’t like.

I’m a New York Giants fan. I loved the firing of Ben McAdoo (nice hair, you loser), I’m lukewarm on Pat Shurmur (although the last Cleveland Browns coach that was fired and got a real chance somewhere else has done just fine….BB), and I don’t know if I want Eli Manning back or not.

Let’s get back to the two teams in the Super Bowl and why I hate them. For Philly, I go back to the days of Ron Jaworski, then Randall Cunningham and Buddy Ryan. The Giants and Eagles had great games in the mid to late 80’s, when you could actually hit someone in the game of football without being flagged and/or fined. I hated the old Veterans Stadium turf, but I love the old Eagles Kelly green uniforms (google them… much better than the ones they will wear in Sunday). I still think of the Eagles as cheap shot artists, but maybe I need to get over that.

Then you have New England. I should love everything about them. They are close to home, have the best quarterback on the planet, a head coach who doesn’t care what you think (and a former Giants defensive coordinator), and they have built their team the right way. I should love them, but I don’t.

I truly can’t stand this new generation of Patriots fans. They make the world a much worse place to live. It’s not Brady, Belichick, or Kraft. It’s not Scott Zolak (altough his is a bit over the top), Stephen Gostkowski, or Gronk. It’s you; Pats fan #1, #2, #3, and so on. Yes, we hate you because your team wins and ours doesn’t. The argument that, “Hey, we were once 1-15 too” doesn’t fly because 90% of you weren’t fans back then.

So who do I root for? I will probably root for Philly, but hope New England wins because I can at least continue to say, “Hey Pats fan, you are 6-2 in the Super Bowl with TB12….that’s awesome, but you know where the 2 came from”. Pats win 24-21, and we will all die a little more.

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