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Here's The Real Reason The Country Hates The Pats

Why do Patriot haters exist? What inspires these people to despise our heroes in those snazzy blue, red and silver helmets? Obvious answer: because they win so much.

But still, is consistent winning the primary reason for all the slings and arrows heaved toward Foxboro? No, it’s not.

I figured it out today. More specifically, I figured it out this morning around 9:20, right after watching Bill Belichick’s press conference with reporters. Why do people hate the Patriots? Because their coach is a jerk. Funny thing is-behind the scenes people say Coach Bill is a pretty decent, even funny dude. But put him front of a camera with reporters? Jerk.

I don’t get it. Sure, I dig that he doesn’t want to divulge any team secrets that casts a voodoo spell on hapless victims like the Steelers and the Jags. It’s one thing to avoid or dismiss certain questions from earnest reporters. But it’s another thing altogether to belittle reporters for doing their jobs. Isn’t that Bill’s mantra? “Just do your job,” proclaims Coach Bill. That’s exactly what the reporters are doing, Bill. Yet too often, you treat them with sarcastic disdain. It’s ugly. And childish. And embarrassing.

Lighten-up Bill. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Act like a professional, and treat those media nerds with some respect. People already hate your Pat’s for all the winning and assorted “gates” (deflate-gate, spy-gate, whatever-gate.) Don’t give the haters another reason to hate.

Sure can’t argue with the success. I grew-up watching the Pat’s in the 70’s through the 80’s, when wins were far and few between. I absolutely appreciate all the winning and Super Bowl trophies. The players are great, and for the most part, are classy. But their coach can be a jerk. **Sigh** But at least he’s OUR jerk, right? Go Pats!

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