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Fourth & Goal - Abolish All Star Games. Put Clemens, Bonds and Rose in the Hall of Fame. There,

It's Pro Bowl Sunday. Raise your hand if you were excited about this game? Or even watched it at all? I can't even see you and I know that you don't have your hand raised.

The Pro Bowl, like it's dysfunctional brothers , the NBA and NHL All Star games is a complete joke on every level. It used to be that the only positive for the players in this game was a payroll bonus and a free trip to Hawaii. Now, some years they don't even get to go to Hawaii. Welcome to beautiful Orlando instead!

The only thing that might remotely get me excited about any of these all star games is if I was in Vegas and I could bet on the over. In the Pro Bowl They don't play by the actual rules of the game. No blitzes. No sacks. Basically, no defense. Very similar to the good ole days of back yard football. Couldn't rush the passer until "3 Mississippi."

And, who has an " All Star " game that doesn't allow the players from the 2 best teams to participate? Sorry Tom Brady, you can't play. These leagues try and put the lipstick on the pig by having " skills" competitions the day before. Yawn.

There was a time when the 3 point contest was interesting. Maybe because the GOAT, Larry Bird , dominated it, but these days it's just no good. It has jumped the shark as they say in TV.

Major League baseball is the only all star game with a shred of integrity. Minus the nauseating amount of substitutions, the game is played 100% the way it's meant to be played. It's fun to watch.

It's way past the time for these All Star games to be abolished.

If these " professionals" need 3 or 4 days off, then just give it to them. Take the money you save on not having an all star game and use it to lower ticket prices and spread your brand.

One thing Major League baseball does not get right , is the process by which they select members of their " Hall of Fame". The fact that Roger Clemens, the greatest pitcher of all time, isn't in the Hall of Fame after getting shafted once again this year is a total crime.

It's nearly as bad as Pete Rose and Barry Bonds not being in the Hall of Fame. It simply can not be justified to leave these three players out of the hall. If you are going to have this mausoleum to the so called " greats" of the game, you have to include three of the greatest players of my lifetime, and in the case of Clemens, EVER.

The numbers don't lie. Y'all have google or Bing I am sure, so you can do the research on the undeniable stats. It's a national embarrassment that these players aren't recognized. And why? Because it's in the hands of a bunch of sportswriters who all have agendas.Some lowlife clubhouse flunky once accused Clemens of doing steroids, so now the voters , despite multiple attempts by Congress to prove him guilty and couldn't, are deeming him guilty and denying him his rightful place.

If someone wants to produce a copy of a failed steroid test, and not the word of some towel boy , then I will happily write a retraction in a future blog. While you are digging that one up, find me a copy of a failed drug test for the Home Run King as well. No failed test. No admitting of guilt ( see McGwire and A-Rod) .

Pure speculation and abuse of power by voters is keeping these deserving players from their place in history. As for Pete Rose, enough is enough. The punishment most certainly does not fit the crime. It's time for the commissioner to overturn the sentence.

Give Pete Rose a new punishment of time served and free him up to take his place among the greats. If you steal a candy bar, you don't get a life sentence, and if you did get a life sentence, at some point a judge with half a brain would step in and say, this isn't a fair, you are now free to go.

A player with seven Cy Young Awards. A player with seven MVP awards. A player with more hits than anyone ever. It's time for the Commissioner of baseball to show some leadership and put three of the greatest players to ever play the game into Baseball's Hall of Fame.

Agree? Disagree?

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