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It may have only been one game, but it was much more than that

As Patriot nation prepared for the gloom and doom that was the possible loss to underdog Jacksonville, one of life’s constants was about to re-emerge. Christmas is on the 25th of December, there are fireworks on the 4th of July, taxes are due in April, and Tom Brady’s Patriots will find a way to win.

Our hero, TB12, had some chinks in his armor in this one. Tape on his throwing hand, his go to sidekick, Gronkzilla out with a concussion, but as has been the case more time than not since 2001, a man named Brady would find a way.

That’s the part where it’s about more than one game. This is the ‘norm’ for the Patriots.

I almost have to laugh as I write that because I am old enough to remember when winning game was worthy of a parade, when being down by 10 points, 14 points, 25 points (hello Atlanta) would have been insurmountable. But that was then, and this is now.

Now, each one of the 53 players active for a game, everyone on the coaching staff, believes that a comeback is inevitable. More times than not, it is.

Obviously, Tom Brady is a huge reason why this is the case, but you can see it in other players as well. His never say die attitude is contagious. Stephon Gilmore makes a huge play, Danny Amendola makes lots of them, the defense, which could not get off the field early, rises to the occasion.

At what point did the Patriot players look nervous? Not the fans, the players? Anyone? The answer is at no point. No panic, no worry, no confusion, no problem. Down late? Been there. Need a big play? Ok. A defensive stop maybe? Consider it done.

The Patriots will play in their 10th Super Bowl overall and 8th since 2001. It’s amazing. It’s incredible.It’s unprecedented and these days, it’s the norm.

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