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I Wear My Participation Medal Proudly

Howdy "Sports Chowdah Heads"! I've been on hiatus from my blogging for a few months in order to focus on some very important areas in my life that need vast improvement.

Juuust kidding, I stopped trying to improve at anything years ago, it's exhausting! Besides, we all get participation trophies nowadays, why worry being the best?

At any rate, its good to be back in the Chowdah Mix.

Tough playoff loss for my 5th grade youth basketball team today! (I don't play, I'm just the coach..although playing against 10 year old's would be awwwesome!)

We battled until the end but came up 10 points shy of capturing our second victory of the season. We battled through hacking, (as in excessive fouling) coughing, sneezing, emotional melt downs (the latter was, me, not the kids) and other obstacles but in the end it just wasn't meant to be.

It's all ok though, hey, there is still the participation trophy, 1-11 record or not. Coaches get one too, so I'm golden and still get to brag about just showing up. My scrappy little team and I have something in common with the Pittsburgh Steelers: we were at home Sunday watching the New England Patriots vs The Cinderella Jacksonville Jaguars. (and don't you DARE pronounce it "Jag-wires", that just ain't right bub).

How bout them Boston Celtics this year! What an exciting team to watch and root for. Now really, who expected us to be one of the top teams in the NBA once "G HAY" went down in the season opener? I'll tell you who, nobody! Never count the C's out of any game, down 25 or not, they always seem to have some fight left in them!

Pretty cool, the C's have players from all around the globe this year. We even have a player from Australia, Aron Baynes who has taken the "man bun" to a whole new level. You rock that top head "man pony" Mr. Baynes! Keepin it real baby!

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