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I have a confession to make...I doubted TB 12

I couldn’t be more ashamed of myself right now. Really. I’d be less embarrassed if I was caught singing along out loud to Milli Vanilli at the gym, busted eating quinoa, or exposed for watching anything involving the Kardashians.

My sin is far greater; I doubted the Patriots. (Slight pause as I scan for the most deserved lightning bolt striking me from the heavens.)

Its sad but true. Down by 10 points, around nine minutes to play, against one of the best defenses in the NFL, with as many as ten stitches in his throwing hand, and without Gronk, I questioned whether Tom Brady could lead the franchise to their record 10th Superbowl appearance.

How foolish of me.

Maybe it was the constant pro Jags babbling and blanant love fest of Blake Bortles spewed by the now intolerable Tony Romo that lured me. Not sure. But something made me question the GOAT. And for that I am prepared to suffer some most deserved public scrutiny and humiliation.

I’ve seen almost every minute of every Pats game for years and years. Just this season I witnessed the game winning drive against Houston. I tore my living room apart celebrating the late drive that helped sink the hapless Steelers. And yet when my faith was tested Sunday I am dreadfully sorry I didn’t proudly proclaim in writing as my Drive radio show co-host Aaron Jackson did “never thought for second they weren’t winning that.”

If I were only partially as loyal to the Pats as that bearded savant.

Look, I know that no player in the Super Bowl era has more fourth quarter comebacks in the playoffs than Tom Brady. He now has seven.

I am aware that yesterday I witnessed the 11th playoff game-winning drive for Tom. That’s as many as Montana and Elway ... combined.

Yet I doubted.

Heck Tom Brady has overcome four 4th quarter 10-point or more deficits in the playoffs alone.

And how did I forget 28-3 just last February?


But now I have two weeks to soul search and repent. And on February 4th when Tom Brady becomes the only human in the history of the planet to start eight Superbowls (Only one other other person has played in as many as six) no matter how big the Eagles lead might be, I will never waiver in my trust of TB 12.

And now once again I must confess, that last sentence probably isn’t true. Makes me want to choke on my quinoa. What did Kim ending up naming that new baby anyway?

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