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4th & Goal: Time to Put an End to The Insanity of American Pro Teams Playing in Other Countries

This edition of 4th and goal has international incident written all over it. More to the point, outrage over international games. It's a disturbing trend that isn't slowing down. Commissioners of leagues simply don't seem to care about the communities that their teams are in.

For a small public relations splash, The NBA, Major League Baseball, NFL and the NHL commissioners are all guilty of shafting cities within their leagues of valuable dollars by taking home games away.

I'm not sure which of these clowns started the trend, but the time has come for someone to stand up and say this is a joke and needs to stop.

The NFL announced this week that fans of the LA Chargers, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Oakland Raiders, as well as the businesses that thrive on game weeks, would all be stripped of a home game , in the name of playing in London and propping up their economy instead of our own.

It's no surprise really that Goodell doesn't care about his teams home cities. He cares about himself and himself only. The NFL is unique because it only offers 8 home games to cities and fans, so to blatantly rob them of one is just absurdly unfair.

Major League baseball is robbing the city of San Diego of three Padres home games against it's main rival, the LA Dodgers. These are three guaranteed sold out games that San Diego and all it's associated businesses will be robbed of the revenue. Hotels, Bars Restaurants all stripped of three days of booming commerce.

Rob Manfred doesn't care about them though. He thinks the PR of his league is more important that the merchants and the fans in San Diego.

Adam Silver has even gotten into the act. Shafting NBA cities out of home games in favor of games in Mexico and England. Totally ridiculous.

The NHL played as many as four countable games in Europe. Why? Europe has hockey of it's own. What is the end game for Gary Bettman? NHL cities thrive on game nights. The NHL likely has the highest percentage of sold out buildings of any league, so why blatantly rob them of one of those nights and rob the merchants of those cities of valuable dollars?

The players and executives all seem to walk the company line, which also doesn't help the issue. Team executives and players should also be supportive of their cities and the fans and businesses that support them!

The Mayors and the business leadership of these cities need to come together and stand up to the commissioners and tell them they are tired of being burglarized by sending their product out of the country.

There is no way, really, to determine just how much these selfish PR decisions made by the commissioners is costing these cities, but collectively, we could be talking hundreds of millions of dollars being stripped out of local economies. That is an outrage! It's time to take a stand and reverse the trend.

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