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Tom Brady is Becoming as Weird as Tom Cruise

A man revered by the masses. A global icon whose reign at the top spanned decades. He's rich beyond the average person’s wildest dreams. A bevy of beautiful women awaiting his beckon call.

Slowly, as the years press on this man becomes very aware of the way that he is viewed by the world. This man starts to guzzle his own Kool-Aid by the gallon. The more we start to know about this man… the more we realize that this man, is pretty, pretty, pretty… weird.

I came to the realization recently. Tom Brady is quickly becoming the next Tom Cruise.

Hear me out.

On top of his game for years. The biggest star in his profession. The kind of fame that doesn’t allow you to go unnoticed anywhere. The next thing you know we find out after one guy jumps a couch with our next president that he thinks we are all aliens and that the science fiction writer who came up with his religion is their Supreme Being.

The other one thinks avocados, Tony Robbins inspired positive thinking and a real deep rub down from his BFF is the ticket to BEING a Supreme Being.

In my opinion, a tad odd.

Does that mean that Top Gun isn’t great?

The way I felt when the Patriots beat the Rams in the first Super Bowl of this run should be diminished?

#^#%%^ NO.

If Jerry Maguire wants to believe he’ll be E.T.’s neighbor after he exits this mortal plain – more power to him. If the GOAT wants to eat like one, only think happy thoughts and allow a documentary crew to stroke his… what I’m sure is sizeable…….. Ego. Do it to it.

I recently watched American Made. It was pretty darn good. I also recently watched the 2017 Patriots football season. That too, pretty darn good. Is either Tom the man they once were? No, probably not, but they each still have some tricks up their sleeves that could churn out a few more hits. So, I’m here to say that I’m looking forward to Mission: Impossible 10 and Brady’s Patriots: 18. Will the stars of both be as good as they were in the original? Likely not, but let’s give it a few more years before we recast the role.

Celebrities aren’t role models. Raise your own kids. Enjoy the entertainment they provide us with what it is. Entertainment.

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