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The Pats Remind Me of The Great Ice Storm of '98

I still visit local elementary schools to chat about weather from time-to-time, which has always been a treat. Inevitably, one of the kiddos will ask me this question: “What is the worst storm you’ve ever seen in Maine?”

The answer, of course, is the ice storm of ’98. That event wreaked havoc across our beloved state, robbing us of our power, heat, and eventually, good spirits as day after day droned-on without electricity and hot water. It was kind of fun to hunker-down amidst the candles and flashlights initially, but that scenario got old in short order.

That now famous title, “The Ice Storm of ‘98” has always made me pause. When I think of a storm, I think of wild winds, or tons of snow, or violent thunderstorms. Yet the Ice Storm of ’98 was none of that. No wind, no heavy precipitation, nothing dramatic at all really, just a slow, relentless freezing drizzle that eventually robbed us of our electricity while spilling power lines and tree branches across our neighborhoods.

The Pats have once again claimed the top spot in their division, and according to some, are favorites to win their 6th Super Bowl.

When I think of other historic Super Bowl teams, I think of dynamic players performing awe-inspiring drama. Lynn Swann, Brett Favre, The Chicago Bear’s Fridge, Joe Namath, Mean Joe Greene (dating myself on that one) serve as examples that come to mind.

Sure, the Pat’s have had their moments too; think of Edelman’s incredible grab that saved that Pat’s Super Bowl comeback last February. And yet, it seems to me that Pat’s are more about understated than flashy.

Relentless. Constant. A machine. Relentless. Kind of like the Ice Storm of ’98.

Sure hope they can continue wreak some havoc, do some damage, and rob the opposition of their power as the roll toward trophy #6. Go Pats!

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