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Terrible Towels Can't Overcome Terrible Coaching

I have come to really dislike the Steelers. It wan't always this way. But in recent years the unjust arrogance of the players, ineptness of the coach and smugness of their fans is just nauseating.

It's a storied franchise for sure with six Superbowl titles. But today's Steelers are basically trust fund kids riding their parents

coat tails.

They are undisciplined and often under prepared On the field they often don't back up the bravado and hot air emanating from their pie holes. It starts with the vastly over rated head coach.

Mike Tomlin has had some great regular season success, but has just an 8-7 career record in the postseason. He won the Superbowl in 2008, but in the nine seasons since he is 5-7, missing the playoffs three times. He has only made the conference title game once in spite of having some of the best talent in the league. Iif you saw the final three minutes or so of the most recent playoff game, you'll see why Mike Tomlin should not be coaching in Pittsfield, let alone Pittsburgh.

As the fans rained boos down on the players, The Steelers walked off the field wrapping up another 13-3 season with no playoff success. Last year the Patriots ended Pittsburgh's misery on the field. This year no doubt the Steelers were caught looking ahead to the rematch with New England, and perhaps past the Jaguars, meaning the Pats had a hand in ending their season again.

Now Tomlin, his players, and the fans can grab those nasty yellow hankies and wave them in circles like fools, while watching the AFC Championship and Superbowl on TV just like everyone else.

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