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Another Patriots Scandal? Totally made up, or somewhere in the middle?

Once again, Patriot nation finds itself under attack and having to defend from the masses. The strategically timed article by ESPN this week claims that divorce is likely between the 3 three leaders of the franchise. I will not take the time or space here to go through the entire thing, but I don’t think the story it’s entirety should be dismissed.

When spy-gate came around, there was a lot of truth to what was reported.

When deflate-gate came around, even though it was foolish, and the penalty was beyond absurd, there was some truth to the report.

So on this latest saga, do Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady stomp around the compound and never speak to each other? I don’t think so at all. Will the three be together next year? If I were a gambling man I would say yes, but if you told me that of the three, Coach Belichick would go, I would not be shocked.

While the New York Giants have been a hot topic lately, and there is definitely some poetic romance to Belichicks life coming full circle, I don’t see it happening. But that would be the one place that made sense other than New England.

There definitely has been some discourse between the coach and his quarterback this year. The Alex Guerrero situation is not fictional. At least the part where he has been banned from the sidelines and the team flights. That could not have sat well with TB12.

It is also true, that in the past few years, Brady has become way more talkative about himself and his future plans than ever before. He never spoke about anything except for the team, team goals, team future etc. He has put a lot of effort into his own personal branding in the last couple of years setting himself up for life after football, there’s obviously nothing wrong with that, but it is definitely a shift in the way he has always been.

It’s been well documented and talked about that what we have seen with this trio is unprecedented in the history of sports. It’s beyond special, it will never happen again, and it needs to be appreciated for what it is. We all also need to realize, at some point, sooner than later, it will be changing.

Coach Patricia is heading to Detroit, Coach McDaniels is likely to follow somewhere.

As for next weekend, the Patriots were given a gift on Saturday with Kansas City losing. There’s no way this team loses next Saturday night and a trip to the AFC championship game is once again locked in cement.

After that, I will be praying for Pittsburgh. Not just because I think New England can win, but because I want to see those two teams play each other again after the last time.

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