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4th & Goal with The Bam Patriot Nation is About to Crumble

Here we are! Welcome to 2018. My New Years resolution is, in part, to be less nice. Some would say I can't get much less, but just watch!

The new year has come roaring in with controversy! Patriot nation is in chaos! I heard rumblings of this a couple weeks ago but now it seems to have come to light! Bill, Bob and Brady aren't getting along! The end is finally nearing.

Of course, all of this could have been avoided if the Pats had just done the right thing and unloaded Brady instead of Jimmy G. Way too loyal to an aging star. Totally screwed the future all to hang on to the Golden Boy. Total mismanagement of the roster will now lead to the demise of this once great franchise. Bill will inevitably leave and Brady and Kraft will be left to wonder what happened, as they slowly become the Dolphins.

For us non Patriots fans, we love it. From the outside we have seen it coming for a long time and now that it is finally here, it is glorious! The Pats probably decided to hang to old Tom because they were listening to all the blubbering experts on ESPN that say Brady is the MVP this year, so they couldn't just get rid of the MVP right?

Wrong on both counts.

Not only should the Patriots unloaded Brady but HE ISN'T THE MVP! In fact, he's probably 3rd in the voting this year, at best. Carson Wentz is definitely better, but unfortunately his season came to an end a month early.

The clear cut MVP of the league this year is Todd Gurley. It's not close . Just ship the trophy to Los Angeles right now. It should be the first of many accolades for Gurley and the Rams going forward. They are clearly the best up and coming team out there and Gurley is their bell cow. The Rams will have a tough challenge in winning their division however because Seattle will be back healthier on defense and the 49ers traded for a pretty good new quarterback during the season who led them to a 5-0 record in games that he started this year. If I could only remember his name... Jimmy something I think?

As the calendar turns on 2018 it appears that the page has also turned on bad hockey at UMaine. I think Coach Red has finally got the right mix and has it figured out. Hopefully it continues and the Alfond is once again packed on the weekends. It was such a joy to watch Maine dismantle Boston University on Saturday night. The best goalie in the country definitely resides in Orono Maine. Good times are here again!

As this is being written, we are 41 days from the opening game of Maine baseball in Lubbock Texas vs a Top 5 Texas Tech squad. I know Coach Derba is fired up for the challenge and for the upcoming season as a whole. My travel plans are locked in and I can't wait! Play Ball!

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