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The NFL Tried to Screw The Pats Through Scheduling. And It Failed!

The Sports Chowdah, through our super secret non-Russian sources, has obtained unedited audio of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell watching the conclusion of the Patriots-Steelers game Sunday.


Are you *^$%#ing kidding me?”

Yup. You bet he said that. And more. Because he and the league have done everything they could to screw the Pats this year. And they failed. Miserably. Again.

Here’s what the NFL has done to slow down the Brady, Coach Bill, and the boys this year.

New England just played five out of six games on the road. In the second half of the season. In the cold. As all teams wear down. And players are lost as injuries rack up. That’s tough. Really freaking tough.

No other NFL team had to play five of six on the road all season! In fact, no NFL team had to do it last year either. Only New England. Coincidence? Doubt it.

In fact, only seven NFL teams had to play three games in a row on the road this year. You can bet part of Roger’s 44 million dollar salary the Pats were one of them.

Don’t forget this journey began with a trip to the thin air of Denver and the thinner air of Mexico City to play two preseason favorites in back to back weeks.

Fast forward to the last six days alone as the Pats wrapped up a short week after a Prime time loss in Miami, by heading to Pittsburgh. Meanwhile Rogers buds, the Steelers, played at home last week. On Sunday. Which means they had a full week resting at home waiting for the road weary Patriots.

Roger and the NFL were betting there was no way New England would win in Pittsburgh. The Steelers could have home field in the playoffs and someone else could represent the AFC in the Super Bowl making all the AFC owners not named Kraft quite happy.

But thanks to Brady, Gronk, the enforcement of a controversial but correct call, and a dumb fake spike call by the inept Mike Tomlin, New England did win. Now they are the #1 seed with two weeks to go. And Rogers plot to screw the Pats has failed.

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