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Fake Spike? Refs Get The Call Right, And Yankee Hate is Back!

Happy holidays to everybody and here’s hoping that you enjoy whatever it is that you celebrate.

I am celebrating the return of a fantastic piece of my childhood. I grew up conditioned to hate the Yankees. They represented everything that was wrong with baseball. The people with the most money, spent the most money, and won the most championships. Now don’t get me wrong, everything that they have ever done financially has been within the rules, but that’s a conversation about how baseball is broken, and that’s not right now.

In the last few years, the “Evil Empire” has been relatively likable. Lots of young players, most from within the system, the way it’s supposed to be done.

So the rivalry has not been as intense as it used to be. And now that will all change. The “trading” (more of a Christmas gift from Derek Jeter) for Giancarlo Stanton absolutely reeks of old-school Yankee tactics. From the money they’re taking on, to the lack of anything significant they had to give up, this team just became extremely hate-able. And I love that. There will be tremendous energy at Fenway Park next year when the pinstripes come to town.

Now to the Patriots: I have no idea if they will win the Super Bowl this year. I don’t know if they will get there. But oh my goodness was Sunday’s game not exhibit A as to why the National Football League is the most popular sport in our country? It was the correct call of a horrible rule which happened to benefit the Patriots. These two teams should play every week, and I look forward to watching the rematch if it comes to fruition.

But let’s talk about Mike Tomlin and the arrogance he and his teams bring. A little humility may have gone a long way on Sunday afternoon. Whether Tom Linda called for the fake spike, or it was Ben, it was 1 million percent the wrong call. Kick the field goal, go to overtime. Anything less is foolish, and in this specific case, it proved to be fatal. And possibly the difference between hosting or traveling for a conference championship game. Such a major stake at risk for such a stupid call.

For those of you reading this old enough to remember, harken back to the days when winning a single game was an accomplishment, and think of where the Patriots are today. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, we have been in the middle of something magical since 2001, and having no idea when the window will close. I am enjoying every second of it.

What a game on Sunday afternoon! Still not sure what happened :-)

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