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Stanton to the Yanks? Let's go to "The Twitter"

As with all major news developments, Twitter people went bat poop crazy this weekend as news of the blockbuster trade broke. Here are some of the best tweets which will make you laugh, and as a Sox fan, maybe cry.


A quick recap: Jeter bought the Marlins using mostly other people’s money, completely gutted them, pushed out a bunch of longtime employees, and traded their once-in-a-Generation player to the Yankees.

Yup- the captain of the Yankees sure did Evil Empire a favor. Sort of a twisted sports threesome as he screwed the Sox and Marlins at the same time. Along those lines….


Marlins fans don’t even get a gift basket.

Great reference by Chad back to Jeter’s dating days. All conquests received a nice parting gift the next morning.


Serious power in NY and Houston these days among AL contenders. Meanwhile, the Red Sox are running on solar.

Yup. Nuclear power in Gotham now.

The stats to back it up from Katie:

Katie Sharp@ktsharp

Most Batted Balls of 117+ MPH Last Season:

Aaron Judge 11

Giancarlo Stanton 9

Rest of MLB 6

These stats lead a safety conscious Canadian to issue the following emergency warning:


Now that Giancarlo Stanton will be playing 8 or 9 games a year at The Skydome, I’m a little worried about a fan in the 200 level outfield seats being struck in the throat with a line drive home run.

And some advice for DD.


Dear Mr. Dombrowski, You stare at your laptop constantly. You might want to google "exit velocity" thanks.

2017 total HR's

Betts, Benintendi, JBJ - 61

Stanton - 59

Projected outfields

Betts, Benintendi, JBJ - 61

Stanton, Judge, Gardner - 132

As if this is not bad enough....


If you think Judge- Stanton is scary, wait until its Judge- Harper- Stanton

But not all hope is lost!

Kirk Minihane@kirkmin

You can take Stanton -- I choose to believe this is the year Rusney Castillo figures it all out.

See, even Twitter people can be glass half full sometimes.

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