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It is with some humor and disbelief when I read all the garbage about Rob Gronkowski's suspension. Not because he didn't deserve it , but because of all the clowns that think he should have gotten more.

When you think dirty, thug behavior on the football field, you don't think of New England. When you think of dangerous, egregious, illegal hits you don't think of New England or Rob Gronkowski or any other player coached by Bill Belichik.

When you think of a decade or more of fines and suspensions for illegal cheap shots, you don't think of New England.

You think of, or you very well should think of , teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals. You think of coaches like Mike Tomlin and Marvin Lewis.

Those programs are dirty. They foster an atmosphere where cheap and dirty play is tolerated. Year after year it's the same old story with these teams. This year being no exception. Another egregious, deliberate dirty hit with an intent to injure. Another suspension and more rhetoric out of Pittsburgh, this time, about how the suspension is unfair.

The suspension was not only fair the truth is it should have been longer. It's way past time for Roger Goodell to take a stand on dirty, dangerous hits in his league. He claims this is a priority. It's showtime Rog. Take some stronger steps to get this garbage out of the league instead of just suspending players time and time again, start suspending the coaches , like Mike Tomlin, who allow this stuff to continue to happen on their watch.

Five years ago, Goodell dropped the hammer on Sean Payton and the Saints for players having bounty pools of cash to injure other players. Payton lost his job for an entire year and his defensive coordinator was kicked out of football entirely. In the four or five years leading up to this suspension, only a handful of fines , and no suspensions were handed out to the Saints players.

Payton got hammered regardless. So, why then, as the fines and suspensions continue to mount for teams like Cincy and Pittsburgh, do Tomlin and Lewis avoid punishment?

If the commissioner is truly serious about cleaning up this nonsense then it's time to up the ante. Longer suspensions for vicious and intentional hits and equal suspensions for coaches who continue to allow it to happen.

I'm willing to bet you won't see Gronkowski, or any other Patriots player commit a penalty like that again anytime soon. As for Pittsburgh or Cincinnati? When are their next games?

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