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Eli Manning Should Have Been Benched Long Before Now

I'm about burned out on this Eli Manning garbage. Why are people so upset that the Giants, about a month, or a season too late, made a business decision? Has there ever been a more overrated Quarterback in NFL history than Eli Manning? Give me a break. Yeah, the guy has over 50,000 yards passing which puts him in the Top 10 all time. Here's your little ribbon for playing. What else? Very little. For every 3 touchdowns, you get 2 interceptions. His completion percentage is barely top 40 all time. There are some really pedestrian names ahead of him on that list. Ho hum. With Eli at the helm, the Giants are barely a .500 team. They have made the playoffs only half the time. Sure, he's "won" 2 super bowls, but most often if they made the playoffs, the Giants exited quickly. Can you say one and done?So, the Giants finally figured it out and everyone is having a meltdown. The real outrage from Giants fans should be that they don't have a legitimate head coach and that they did nothing through the draft to avoid the "End of Eli" problem from happening in the first place. Read that as Ben McAdoo and Geno Smith are not the answers. This sets up for some pretty lean years going forward as the Giants try and be the best team in their own stadium. But, yeah, let's all whine and cry because a below average quarterback got benched during a 2-9 season. I've heard all the excuses. Offensive Line is hurt. Hasn't had a superstar receiver for long enough. Injuries. Blah Blah Blah.

Tom Brady has won a bunch of Super Bowls with Wide Receivers that were basically the mailman and the dude who collects carts in the Hannaford parking lot during a blizzard.

If you are a quality QB, you adapt and you overcome. Some do, Eli doesn't.

So this chapter in the latest saga of the most over hyped and overrated football family in history is coming to a close. If there is any justice in the world, Eli will end up in Cleveland.

Not that Phillip Rivers is my favorite player by a long shot, but the Chargers are probably happy that Eli threw that tantrum and refused to go there all those years ago. What San Diego lacks in wins and championships with Rivers, they make up for in effort, loyalty, and lack of excuse making. So the Giants are now reaping what they sowed. With the exception of 2 seasons, they are the poster children for mediocrity and drama. Congrats.

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