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New York Giants: Maybe Next Year

The hype is real folks. From the middle of November straight through to the last day of the year, it is nothing but chaos for everyone.

Two major family holidays are positioned merely a few weeks apart and the stress of it all is off the charts. We are overwhelmed with so many tasks to complete that it’s a miracle if we somehow attempt them all, yet alone accomplish them.

From planning a huge Thanksgiving feast, to picking out the right Christmas present, to planning the right spot to be at 11:59pm on New Year’s Eve, there are so many things going on that we can easily get overwhelmed. But this time of year also lends to us the perfect storm of Great Sports Viewing.

As we come off the Astros winning their first ever World Series led by Jose Altuve, all 66 inches of him, we are thrust in to the beginning parts of the NBA and NHL seasons and are smack dab in the middle of the NFL season.

College football is closing in on their, still a work in progress, final playoff seedings as they try to determine the Top 4 teams that will vie for the National Title.

What a time for sports fans! That is, if your team is doing well enough to warrant being watched.

I have been a lifelong New York Giants fan for as long as I can remember. I watched as Scott Norwood pushed the ball wide right to give the Giants a 20-19 Super Bowl win over the Bills in Super Bowl XXV.

I was sitting with Patriots fans as Eli escaped an inevitable sack and launched a deep bomb to David Tyree, who made a spectacular catch with the aid of his helmet. (Side note, that was the last catch of Tyree’s career.)(Side side note, I believe that is the second greatest Super Bowl catch behind last year’s miracle reception by New England’s own Julian Edelman. See, I can play nice.)

But now, in the midst of a 2-9 record and no hope in sight, I find myself not even wanting to tune in to any televised game involving the G-Men.

With so much preseason hype and the possibility of a Giants/Patriots Super Bowl rematch in February there were big hopes and dreams. Then just five weeks into the season, we had no wins and had just lost our top three receivers due to injuries…ALL IN THE SAME GAME!!!

Fast forward five more weeks and we have accumulated a whopping two wins with minimal offense and very little defense. And so begins the daily questions: Is McAdoo gone after this year? Do the Giants tank and go for a top draft pick and pick a coveted QB coming out of college? Do they trade Eli as he is on the down slope of his career, unlike Mr. Brady I might add who seems to be getting better with every Kale/Avocado smoothie he drinks!

So many questions…. zero answers. New York is a city that wants immediate results for all of its sports teams. With high expectations not even close to being met, those questions and many more will be left unanswered well in to 2018.

All of this stress makes me want to go stand in the middle of Hogan Road. January 1 and end of the Giants season can't come soon enough.

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