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I Don't Care What Kind of Vehicle the Pats are- Just be Thankful They Keep Winning.

New England Patriots fans… We have it so good. SO GOOD! (Channeling a little Neil Diamond there)

Be thankful. I think that we should all take a minute to be appreciative of that fact. Look around the league for evidence. As I sit here and watch the NFL on Thursday and Sunday and see other teams labor through the games you have to realize that what happens in Foxboro week in and week out… year in and year out…. Now decade in and decade out… is far from the norm.

Remember when the Patriots were 2-2 and clawed their way through the first 4 to be that good? I was pretty sure that the sky was falling. Now, after a few weeks the truth became clear. The Patriots weren’t bad to start. They were just as bad as everyone else. They were playing games like the rest of the league does.

It’s not a news flash to say it – but it’s all Brady. Belichick is a great coach. He’s a great coach that has had the benefit of trotting out the best quarterback ever for the last decade and a half. In Bill We Trust… As Long as Tom is "Cool With it."

Does it have the same ring? No, but maybe it will grow on us.

To start the year I looked at the schedule and thought that the two game stretch at Denver followed by Oakland in Mexico City would be tough. Go 1-1 and be happy right. I mean the dismantling of those two teams should nearly be considered an extra win.

The games were boring! I was 30 seconds late turning the Raiders game back on after halftime and I missed a touchdown! And those were supposed to be legit AFC challengers. Ay curumba!

And this week's beatdown of the punk like Dolphins proves the point further.

Now I do believe that by avoiding night shades and bad carbs Tom will play until he’s 62. Probably win 10-15 more Super Bowls. In the event I am wrong and it doesn’t go that long… take a look around the league and think about the fact that Nathan Peterman and CJ Beathard are people that also do the same job as our guy. They just do it a little differently. Poorly to be exact.

So Next Sunday, and the Sunday after that - and Sunday November 25th 2031 – let’s all just be thankful that Tom is our QB.

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