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4TH and GOAL with THE BAM Low Tide.

What a glorious weekend! The mighty Crimson Tide have gone down!!! No more with a monopoly on the Final Four of football!! Thanks to Auburn there will be some new blood at the top of the playoff rankings this year !!

Now, some of you are probably going crazy right now, yelling your fool heads off about how they only have one loss, so they still deserve to be in . Blah Blah Blah! Zip it. You have no case. Bama is done. Ding Dong the Witch is dead. Deal with it.

Alabama won 11 games. How many of those wins are against teams currently ranked in the Top 20? One. It is the loneliest number.

Everyone seems really comfortable giving Wisconsin the shaft because of their schedule, but nobody wants to tell the truth about Alabama and the entire SEC . Here's a hint: That league isn't that good!

Shocking I know, because we are all spoon fed by the SEC marketing department , cleverly called ESPN, about how great the league is. Total garbage. So, if you aren't good enough to even win your division and play for the conference championship, don't spew that nonsense that somehow you are still one of the four best teams in the country. Enjoy the Fiesta Bowl.

The SEC will likely have the largest number ,maybe ever, of Head Coaching changes in an off season. Texas A&M canned Kevin Sumlin, so it appears the league will have no less than five new head coaches next season. Five teams out of fourteen will change coaches in off season. Because their programs are so good. Laughable.

To further expose what a clown show the SEC is, they announced this morning that Auburn would be fined $250,000 because their fans stormed the field after their beat down of the aforementioned Alabama. A quarter of a million because their fans are excited about thumping a rival to within an inch of it's life. Are you kidding me?

I have scoured news sites all morning and can find no stories, not one, where someone was hurt or killed because Auburn fans started the party on the grass of Jordan Hare Stadium. A ridiculous rule, from a ridiculous conference that is way too full of itself. They wonder why everyone outside the conference hates them?

I would hope, sincerely, that if UMaine football can ever find a way to defeat New Hampshire in Orono, that Maine fans would storm the field and party. College football is all about the atmosphere. That should be celebrated and not discouraged.

Speaking of UMaine. It appears, perhaps, that the hockey program is turning a corner. What would help further the success of this team, would be for Jeremy Swayman to play every game in goal. I don't understand, not even a little, why Coach G feels the need to play anyone but Jeremy in net on any given night.

Hockey, on all levels, has long taught us that if you have a hot goalie, you ride him for as long as you can. This rotation from Friday to Saturday has not served them well and has perhaps hindered the actual growth of the program.

Maine has a solid #1 goaltender in Swayman. Go with it. Stop experimenting. Conference play is about to get rolling soon and the results speak for themselves. Statistically, it's a mismatch. Eye test, mismatch. Coach G needs to stop out thinking the room and just go with what works.


My favorite football team for this week will be the Central Arkansas Bears! They take on New Hampshire on Saturday in a 2nd round playoff game. Let's go Bears! From my house to the stadium is only 330 miles. Hmmmmm . I wonder if a blue Maine jersey has ever been on that campus before?

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