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What Are We Playing For Now?

With this weekends 31-17 loss to Delaware, the University of Maine football team probably won’t be making the playoffs. Having been on teams who were already out of playoff contention prior to the end of the season, I know all to well how difficult it can be mentally to prepare for these last two games.

But there are a couple reasons why our Black Bear football team should fight hard, like they have every week this season, to win these games.

1. People don’t remember how you start but they do remember how you finish.

It is important in every aspect of life to finish strong. For Maine football, not only will a 2-0 finish continue to highlight the unbelievable character and resiliency of this very young team; it will also build momentum going into the offseason.

To finish out the season wins over FBS school UMass, and 7-2 Stony Brook, will propel this team into the winter knowing that they are one of the best in the CAA.

That confidence will only grow exponentially as they enter into spring football and then training camp. It will also massively help the coaches who will be on the road trying to sell the program to high school seniors.

2. The Seniors

For most of the seniors on this team this will be the last two football games they ever play. Not all of them, but certainly most.

These men have put their blood sweat and tears into this program over the last 4 or 5 years and deserve the best everyone on that roster has in order to allow them to finish on a high note.

I lost my last game against UNH in 2006 and that memory still hurts to this day.

Finishing up with two big win is what these seniors deserve to remember when they think back at their college football career.

So while the playoffs are out, there are wins on the table and life long memories to be made.

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