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Marriage Counseling for Bill and Tom

They say that two people that are married and fall out of love shouldn’t stay together just for the sake of the kids. Right?

Not sure who they are… but I’m sure I’ve heard someone say it. Well, I’m here to say, that’s a crock. You bite the bullet and you tough it out…. At least if you are Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

If you are unhappy in your real marriage and you would actually consider taking love advice from me in my Chowdah article, well then yes, actually you should stay married. The fact you hoodwinked your spouse into tying the knot is probably like the Haley’s Comet of your life. I wouldn’t count on a sequel.

Let’s go back to 2001, Bill had something going with this tall drink of water named Drew. All of a sudden Drew can’t perform. Enter Tom. He’s skinny, good looking – and he’s just got something special. Immediately Bill is feeling the love.

Bye Drew, Hello Tom.

What followed was a decade and a half where you were REALLY happy together. There were some ups and downs, but man oh man did the good outweigh the bad.

Tom starts to have other interests, he’s getting older. Bill really doesn’t like some of these new friends Tom is making. Tom doesn’t understand why he, these new friends and Bill can’t all be friends. Plus, Bill is bringing his kids around now. Things are getting complicated.

Enter Jimmy.

Jimmy is hot. Jimmy is hotter than Tom was when he was Jimmy’s age. Tom and Bill get in trouble. Tom takes the fall. While Tom is away Jimmy and Bill get close. Bill likes Jimmy.

Bill starts to think… What would life be like with Jimmy? It could be ok. He doesn’t have those jerk friends. He’s young. Let’s look into this, hey wait, lets ask Grampa Robert what he thinks.

Grampa Robert, what would you think about me dumping Tom and picking things up with Jimmy?

The wise old patriarch sets Bill straight.

He states that Tom built us this beautiful home. He gets us the finest jewelry in the land. He was a stand-up guy when you left him holding the bag a couple of years ago and now you want to dump him? Ummmm, No.

Jimmy end up moving west to California. Bill and Tom stay united while learning to play nice and remembering the good times. Let's hope its for real and not a show for us kids.

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