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4TH and Goal with THE BAM For U Maine Football, Home is Orono.

A disappointing loss to Delaware by Maine football to say the least. Although, not as disappointing as the game not being played in Orono on campus.

Can we just stop already with playing "home" games in Portland? Orono is home.

The University has pumped a ton of cash into facilities and game day experiences in Orono. To rob the eastern Maine area of a home game against a rival, just to cater to a handful of alleged "fans" who, for the most part, are unwilling to travel north up

I-95 UMaine is ridiculous.

Orono is home. That's where games should be played. People in the state of Maine are either going to support the teams or they aren't.

Don't hide behind some lame excuse that Orono is too far to travel to support the Black Bears. Sheer and total nonsense.

I now live in Oklahoma and there is a very good chance I will attend more Black Bear football games and men's basketball games this year than a majority of " fans" in Southern Maine. For those of you that are geographically challenged, Oklahoma is further away from Orono than Portland. You have no excuses!!!

On that note, I will be making the trek to Boston to watch the football team this weekend. I will chronicle my journey for your reading enjoyment. The trip will include an Amtrak ride from Boston to Portland . I have the Maine Stein Song loaded up on my phone and ready to blast when we hit the Durham stop.

I am looking forward to watching Chris Ferguson live and in person. This kid is doing a tremendous job for UMaine as quarterback and I am excited for what the future holds for this program with him at the helm.

I read a bunch of hot garbage on social media and message boards about how he isn't any good and that other players should be starting. Total hogwash. Maine had a Senior playing QB last year and as a freshman, Chris Ferguson is way ahead of the pace to have much better stats that his predecessor.

So, if you aren't a believer in this kid, you either don't watch football, you only see the win loss record or you are the parent of one of the other quarterbacks on the roster.

The best quarterback on the roster is playing. It's not close and it's not debatable.

I hope the weather is warm. I hope the beer is cold. And I hope Maine pulls off an epic victory.

I'll expect someone to have the red carpet rolled out at Logan for me on Thursday. I think Goldberg is the closest. Make it happen.

See y'all at Fenway.

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