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Adventures in Babysitting Starring Tony Larussa

As many parents know finding a good babysitter can be a real challenge. You want someone mature and experienced that you can trust to keep your mini me safe. Fortunately “Big Daddy” Dave Dombrokwsi and the Red Sox didn’t need to turn to to hire Tony Larussa to babysit their new born manager, Alex Cora.

Really the announcement last week that LaRussa was coming to Boston as “Special Assistant” to Dombrowski can be viewed no other way.

The Red Sox should just admit that “LaRussa” is Italian for baby monitor. Little Alex was an average player who has basically no managerial or coaching experience in North America. Like a toddler he’ll be taking baby steps managing in game situations and dealing with the clubhouse drama which eventually got Uncle John’s butt kicked out the door.

Tony the Nanny will be there to hold Cora's hand as he learns the A, B, C’s or managing these and other issues in Boston.

LaRussa won 2728 MLB games and 3 World Series Titles. He’s a manager. A good one. And he now is in charge of making sure little Alex doesn’t fall down and go boom in Beantown.

Sarcasm aside, getting Cora an experienced mentor is probably a good idea. Historically the Red Sox have rarely given their managerial position to someone with as little experience as Cora.

Sure he had the best seat in the house to watch the Astros win an amazing World Series title.

But really how significant was his role in that? I bet most Houston fans didn’t even know Cora was in charge of sitting on the bench and chatting with the real skipper of the team.

LaRussa may be more like a Guardian angel than a baby sitter anyway. He’s in an office in Fenway “as a resource”. Cora can periodically visit, email and text him to get some guidance on how to handle in game strategy. Perhaps even more importantly LaRussa can help deal with the likes of David Price (speaking of big babies) and old crotchety veterans like Dustin Pedroia.

And when baby Alex gets a diaper rash from Felger, Shaughnessy, or some other member of the Boston media, Tony can powder his behind to make it all better.

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