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Tom Brady is the MVP

Recently on THE DRIVE, the boys and I had a spirited debate as to the chances of Tom Brady being voted MVP this season. If you listen to the show you know I’m pretty darn good with my bold prognostications. I’m rarely wrong, or so I have convinced myself. But on that particular day I was indeed mistaken when I stated Brady wouldn’t win because he would only be playing in 12 games. Today I stand corrected, because as sure as Coach Bill was rocking the pom pom hat on the sidelines versus Buffalo, Tom Brady will be the MVP this year.

As you’ll recall, Brady gets to play in four fewer games this season because of the long national nightmare known as Deflategate, a fraud perpetrated on us by the slimy pustule of a commissioner Roger Goodell.

I assumed after missing those four games TB 12 just wouldn’t have the cumulative numbers at the end of the season to be named MVP. WRONG!

Through four games Brady has competed 73% of his passes for 1,319 yards, or 329 yards per game. He has tossed 12 touchdowns and no interceptions. His QB Rating is off the charts at 133.9.

All of this after not being able to attend practices or games, throw a pass with a teammate, watch film with coaches or have any contact with his team at all for a month. Now he’s back, ticked off and maybe better than ever.

There’s no reason he can’t continue at a comparable pace. Top to bottom he might have the deepest arsenal of weapons at his disposal in his career. Plus the rest of the schedule is less scary than a Halloween party at a retirement home. Only Denver and San Francisco are in the top half of the league defending the pass as of Week 8.

But I should note that what Brady is doing, and what I believe he will accomplish at the age of 39 is wicked rare. In NFL History:

  • Only one QB age 39 or older has ever had double digit wins. That was Brett Favre with the Vikings in 2009. I’m willing to wager Brady will do that this year in just 12 games.

  • Only four quarterbacks age 39 or older have ever had winning seasons. A winning season is defined in this case as an above .500 record while starting at least half of the teams games. Again, Brady will become number five I’m sure.

  • Only 4 QB’s after their 39th birthday have started ten or more games and had a rating over 85. Brady could toss left handed and accomplish this feat this season.

At 39 Brady is a having a season for the ages. One that I now believe will be capped off with an MVP trophy.

Jeff Solari (@SolariJeff) is a co-host on The Drive, weekdays 4pm to 6pm on 92.9fm The Ticket and streaming live at Follow us on Twitter, @DriveShowMaine and “Like Us” on Facebook, Drive Show Maine.

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