You want to market, brand and grow your business and increase sales. Oh, and of course make more money. Who doesn’t? But, you’re wicked busy.
So, let me help.

Maybe you tried some advertising. And didn’t get results. It really ticks you off to waste that kind of money. 


Perhaps you have met or worked with a unique breed of people called “marketing professionals” or “agencies”. They seemed to know their stuff, but they toss a lot of fancy words and technical terms at you, and want to charge you a boat load of money. Enough is enough.


Look, I just want to help your local business grow.


I’ve worked in media, marketing and business development my entire adult life. I’ve been around Maine for most of my career but gained some experience in bigger media markets around the country as well. I know the media scene in Eastern Maine. I have worked at or have relationships with every media group (print, radio and TV) in town. I know the people. I know what ads should cost, who has the best ratings, how to utilize social media, and create email marketing plans. I don’t have to pay a big staff or a lease on a fancy cool office.


I know I can help you and I have great relationships with others that can as well. I’ll save you time, money and headaches. Let’s cut through the crap together and get you some marketing results you’ll love.


I do sports for a living now, but have a ton of space in my brain filled with marketing, advertising, and branding knowledge. Why let that go to waste? Let’s use it to help you out.


Here’s a short look at stuff I have done to earn a living and feed my kids to date:

  • President 
    Rock Lobster Media LLC 

  • Manager of Business Development 
    Rudman Winchell-Counselors at Law 

  • Marketing Director
    KWTV- Oklahoma City

  • Promotion Director
    WPMI-TV- Mobile, Alabama

  • Creative Services Director/Promotion Manager 
    WLBZ TV- Bangor

  • Co Host-The Drive Radio Show
    92.9FM WEZQ - Bangor

  • President
    Maine Internet Radio LLC 

  • Adjunct Professor
    Husson University, Bangor ME

  • Sports Talk Host
    Zone Radio/WZON 

  • Sports Reporter/Anchor 
    WLBZ TV 

  • On Air Talent 
    WKY- Oklahoma City

I won’t bore you with all of the details here, but if you want to know more about me, let’s get a coffee, lunch or a beverage. I’m always up for those things.


You can also find me on Linked In

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