August 4, 2020

If you want to be safe during the pandemic, wear a mask over your mouth and nose. 

If you’re watching the Red Sox pitch, wear one over your eyes. 

To quote Major League “I’ve never heard of half of these guys.” 

If only it was just that bad. I don’t even know HALF of the Red Sox pitchers. 

“Who sta...

August 4, 2020

Ppd.... ppd....ppd....

Those letters are all too frequently replacing box scores right now in Major League Baseball.

Despite the best of intentions, MLB has serious problem on its hands and it will only likely get worse. It could also be a precursor to what the NFL is likely to encounter. 

The NBA has...

July 28, 2020

Baseball is back and I am fired up! So many great games already. Tons of TV coverage. It's unfortunate it took so long for them to get MLB up and going, but now it's here and it's awesome! 

Well, awesome with some glaring weaknesses. 

No fans in any ballpark is just beyond silly. Hard to bel...

July 28, 2020

The signs of me getting old are there. 

It’s harder to stand-up without at least some form of a groan. 

My grandson outdrives me off the tee by at least 40 yards consistently. 

I have to take a break half-way through mowing our lawn. 

Last week I argued with a teen in our house that the music was way b...

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August 4, 2020

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