August 4, 2020

If you want to be safe during the pandemic, wear a mask over your mouth and nose. 

If you’re watching the Red Sox pitch, wear one over your eyes. 

To quote Major League “I’ve never heard of half of these guys.” 

If only it was just that bad. I don’t even know HALF of the Red Sox pitchers. 

“Who sta...

July 21, 2020

“Now the radar says it’s not even going to rain until after 7!”

Those were the last words I said to Jeff Solari, proprietor of the fine publication you’re holding this very minute, before he bailed on our 5:20p tee time at the Muni. Jeff’s parting words to me were, “If I go, then it’ll rain. Since I...

July 13, 2020

Boston is the “City of Champions” but once upon a time is was known simply as “The Hub”. 

The Hub had it’s share of moments, but as of the late 20th century, moments of glory were hard to come by. 

But in 1999, Boston hosted perhaps the most remembered All-Star Game in history and the greatest mo...

July 8, 2020

Yes sir, the cotton that Kansas City Chiefs fans are walking in right now is pretty tall: the confetti just stopped falling on their Super Bowl victory (you remember, that one sporting event that happened this godforsaken year) and now their MVP quarterback is locked up for 3 more presidential terms...

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August 4, 2020

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