Cam's Covid a Wakeup Call

Bill Belichick is a master gameplanner. We all know that. The one thing he and other NFL coaches can't gameplan for? The COVID-19 pandemic that is grappling the United States. That came to fruition when it was learned Patriots quarterback Cam Newton had tested positive for the virus. Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs was rightfully postponed. Eighteen Tennessee Titans have tested positive as of Sunday morning, and their game against Pittsburgh was postponed to Week 7. If this doesn't wake the country up, I don't know what will. NFL players are among the world's greatest athletes. Newton was off to one of the best starts of his career. Nobody is invisible from this pandemic, even t

My Plan To Rebuild The Sox

What’s the best-selling automobile of all time? Model T? Good guess, but no. The Model T by Mr. Ford is number 9 on the list. VW Beetle? Better guess, as this car finds itself # 4 on the list. How about my sweet ride, a 2015 GMC Acadia? Not even close. Number one on the list? It’s the Toyota Corolla, with an amazing 43 million Corollas sold since the late 60s when they debuted. So, what is it about this auto that makes it so appealing and popular? A big engine with impressive horsepower? No, that’s not it. A sporty style that turns heads? Negative. Well then, it must be the comfortable, cushy interior. That’s not it either, as most Corollas feature rather common, run-of-the mill interiors. S

This Week in the world of Tom Brady

Tom Brady went 30/46, 369 yards, 5 TDs and a pick (which was taken back for a touchdown) in Tampa Bay’s 38-31, come from behind win on Sunday. It was a rough start for the former Patriots quarterback, after a first drive touchdown pass to a tight end not named Gronk, Brady fired a pick 6 and then went more dormant than movie theaters in 2020. The Chargers, behind rookie quarterback Justin Herbert, were in complete control with under a minute to go in the first half when in the shadow of their own end zone, the Chargers coughed up a meaningless handoff which the Buccaneers recovered. Patriots fans have seen this play out a thousand times: Brady gets a gift and cashes it in for points. The com

Are some sports in trouble?

Let’s be honest. One of the reasons that MLB, The NBA, and the NBA all wrapped up or snuck in 2020 seasons during COVID-19 is for the money. But another reason undoubtedly is so that people don’t forget about their products. The American attention span is wicked short these days and there is a real risk that each league could become somewhat forgotten if they stay away too long. We may already be seeing examples of fans apathy. Honestly, did you pay attention to the Red Sox this summer? If you answer yes you are in the minority. Sox TV ratings were absolutely dismal. NESN games were down 50 to 60%. Now granted the Sox might be a unique example because they traded away Mookie Betts and David

$90 Million donation for new athletic facilities at UMaine

In a year that has produced uncertainty and ups and downs in the sports world, the University of Maine athletic department experienced the highest of 2020 highs this week. The University announced Wednesday morning that the athletic department is receiving a $90 million gift from the Harold Alfond Foundation. The gift is the largest gift to an athletic department at a public institution in New England and is among the largest in the nation. This is a monumental step for the University's athletic department in terms of upgrading on-campus facilities and perhaps construction of new ones. Let's start with the University's marquee program, men's ice hockey. Afond Arena has a lot of history and i

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