Let's Buy Jeter's Home and Kick out TB 12

After renting out his exclusive Tampa mansion to Tampa Bay Buccaneer Tom Brady, former New York Yankee legend Derek Jeter has made his next move. He’s now listed his custom-designed private estate on Davis Islands for $29 million. Brady and his wife, Gisele Bündchen, knew that there was a possibility the home could hit the market while they were living there, according to a story in the New York Times, which first reported the news of the listing. I say we all kick in $100. At that rate we only need 290,000 people to get the deal done. We will each get a week there every 107 years. -Some content from Realtor.com

Bears on #5. Better Lay Up

Several comedians have joked for years that golf would be a lot more interesting if wild animals were allowed to roam the fairways. I was watching a Jim Gaffigan bit just last week when he mentioned having a pack of wolves on the back nine sure would liven things up. Perhaps he should play Sunday River. Last week a family of four black bears came out in the middle of the day and roamed around the fifth hole as if they were lining up a putt. A round of golf takes long enough but when you have to sit and wait for Yogi and friends to move on they can lengthen the day. Pretty good chance they’re not gonna let you play through.

Crazy Fan Sneaks Into Fenway Park

Sunday in the Sox/Yankees game there was a fan delay, which in this 2020 coronavirus MLB season seemed impossible because fans are not allowed in the ballpark. In the top of the eighth inning a man dressed in a Red Sox wind shirt climbed over the wall behind centerfield and down onto the platform where the television cameras were perched. He began yelling and tossed a hat and another unidentified object onto the field as players in both dugouts and on the field stopped to watch. Yelling “Boston loves New York. Remember 9/11. Boston Marathon!” among other things, the fan climbed over the safety rail and out to the edge of the perch, where he did pushups and then briefly dangled off the edge a

Patriots need to add a player

In a championship-or-bust sports market such as Boston, it's often difficult to take solace in a heartbreaking defeat. The New England Patriots may have suffered a 35-30 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in a Sunday night Week 2 thriller, but there was a lot more to like than dislike. While Bill Belichick is not interested in moral victories, there's a lot his Patriots can take away from this game. 1. Cam Newton looks like his old self. Save for a third-quarter interception that led to a Seattle touchdown, Newton was sharp. And he gave the Patriots a chance to win. Newton's arm and pocket presence looked fantastic. He spread the ball around. He doesn't panic in the pocket and it's clear hie's pla

Patriots Notebook Week 2

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Well 1:21 into the first game with the Patriots new road uniforms, Devin McCourty was streaking down the sideline untouched for a pick-six. I already like the road version of our new Texans-uniforms better than our home get-ups. Steve Belichick’s look is crushing it right now, huge mask and an aggressive mullet. You can feel his scowl from underneath his gaitor. He has the look for a fella who would be wearing a bandana over his face, regardless if there was a pandemic or not. The catch by N’Keal Harry at the end of the first quarter was incredible. A gutsy 4thdown throw by Newton, but an incredible effort by Harry, who has been panned

NFL is Made for TV. And NBC Does It Best

There are many reasons the NFL is the most popular sport in America, not the least of which is how freakin’ awesome it is to watch on TV. Each NFL broadcast requires approximately 20 cameras and 150 people or so. That’s light years ahead of 1939, when NBC was the first network to televise a pro football game, using two cameras and about eight staffers. Today every game is directed as well as a big budget block buster movie. There are so many great camera angles with amazing closeups and it's all in High Def so you can even clearly see the details of the turf. The camera flying over the field gives an amazing angle.The crystal clear audio of players yelling and helmets hitting makes you feel

Bold NFL Predictions

Are you ready for some football?  It's always hard to predict what's going to happen between now and February. But we're going to try! Here are five bold predictions for what's going to happen during this unusual NFL season. 1. The Patriots will win the AFC East. Again.  Some pundits in the national media are drinking the Buffalo Bills kool-aid, especially now that Tom Brady is a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, but this division is still the Patriots to lose. Does Buffalo have some nice pieces? Yes. The Bills added receiver Stefon Diggs in the offseason. Their defense is still solid.  Josh Allen does have a big arm but he has a Drew Bledose-like penchant for an inopportune sack or intercept

Pats Notebook: We have no kicker edition

The New England Patriots don’t have a kicker. Last season, Stephen Gostkowski went down with an injury and was replaced by the carousel of "off the couchers" like Kai Forbath, Mike Nugent and Nick Folk. The Pats used a 5th rounder on Marshall Kicker Justin Rohrwasser, who wasn’t ranked in the top 10 of kickers in the draft, but was the first off the board. So of course Belichick cut him on Saturday. Well that’s okay, because he signed Nick Folk back a week ago. So of course Belichick cut him too. A week before the team opens against Miami and the Patriots are sans a kicker. But much like how your fantasy team should operate, why draft a kicker when you can figure it out later!?! I’m

Pats Preview With Lee Goldberg

Well well well. Here we are, officially two days from the start of the NFL season. Which you can see on NBCby the way :-) It will be bizarre no doubt. But at least it will be football. And I’m not just talking about the pandemic, and no fans. For the first time in 20 years, the Patriots will have a quarterback take the field on opening day not named Tom Brady. (Not counting the silly Deflategate year) I will preface what I’m about to say by reminding everybody how old I am, and that I’ve been a Patriots fan long before they ever won a Super Bowl. Heck I remember celebrating when they would score a touchdown. This year‘s team is going to struggle. And in fairness, before I knew Brady was leav

Solari gives updates on fall sports, poll results and a Pats prediction

A local athletic director tells me that Wednesday is the day we will have more information about fall high school sports here in Maine. It’s not clear if the MPA will make a final decision or if they’re just providing information on how they might be able to meet state guidelines. As I’ve said for a couple of weeks, there will be no football season. So stringing hard-working players along while leading them to believe there will be a season is just cruel. Massachusetts and Rhode Island have pushed football to the spring. Vermont is trying seven on seven. New Hampshire is going to give it a try. From the Portland Press Herald: "Most New Hampshire school districts are moving forward with footb

Sorry- But They Can't Let Them Play

"Let Them Play!” That's the rallying cry for folks who want Maine kids to be able to play fall sports this year. Their Facebook page has racked up more than 8000 members in just a matter of days. They have held rallies in Augusta. It’s an impressive grassroots effort that has a lot of momentum. And as much as I may agree with the “Let them play” sentiment, I’m sorry to say there's no way it’s going to happen. The Maine Principles Association and the athletic administrators in our state have busted their butts trying to figure out a way to have high school athletes safely take to the field this fall. Later this week they’ll announce their plans as schools reopen this and next week. And the “L

Time To Take One For The Team

No pain, no gain, right? Certainly applies to athletes. Back in the day (September of 1976, to be precise) I thought I would take a shot at running cross-country for the esteemed Orono Red Riot team. Sure, I did some training during the summer months leading-up to the start of the season when we returned to school. But did I take it seriously? Nah, not really. Consequences? Yep. First week of running just about did me in. Painful stuff. But, we know how it goes, right? No pain, no gain. I never did have much success with cross country, but the painful training did benefit me personally, and more importantly, we running chums who committed to the painful training running alongside each other

Hate Mail For Solari Based on The Above MPA Article

"They can make adjustments and give these kids a high school season. The impact of not letting kids play is much more detrimental than this virus ever could be. We all now know where you stand with this. I bet you wear a mask in your car." - Regina Solari note: Ha! I don’t. But I do laugh at those people too! “What load of b.s. Your arrogance shows in the column. MPA panel of Dr. that came up with guidelines must not know where there brains are. You obviously smarter then they are.” Shawn Solari Note: It was a panel of educators. Not medical docs. "If you ever forget how pretentious and self centered sports personalities can be, luckily this guys is here to remind you. A week ago, his articl

The Correct Way To Hold A Fire Sale

In life, there are buyers and there are sellers. In 2020, most things are sold via curbside pick up, so it makes complete sense that the awful 2020 Boston Red Sox are setting their talent on the curb waiting for the sellers to come pick it up. On Sunday, the latest item taken off of Ron Roenicke’s menu was Mitch Moreland or as most know him: the Red Sox home run hitter. On the surface the visceral reaction is “Why would you trade a player like Moreland? He doesn’t make much money and when he’s in the line up (which isn’t frequent enough) he generally goes deep.” But Moreland’s deal is up at the end of the season, which means you can either trade him and get some future assets or you can enjo

Solari is Wrong- Let Them Play!

Just like my blogging compatriot Jeff Solari, I too was stunned by the recent decision by the Maine Principals Association to approve at least the start of play for the 2020 Maine high school fall sports season - in particular varsity and sub-varsity football. But unlike Solari, I am pleasantly surprised and heartened by what I consider a brave, but prudent call by Maine's governing high school sports body. Yes, we are currently living under a civil state of emergency declared by Governor Janet Mills - a CIVIL state of emergency decreed by a political body, not medical or scientific. Yes, she has presumably solicited the advice and counsel of medical officials before issuing the declaration,

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