An update on the fall High School sports season

Tom Petty may have said it best when he released his 1981 hit song, “Waiting.” How does it go? “Waiting is the hardest part.” I promise it sounds a lot better when I sing it in the shower. Anyway, last week, the Maine Principals Association released its updated guidelines and start dates for fall athletics in Maine. Like everything else during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s subject to change, but the gist of the document was that the fall sports preseason would move ahead three weeks to September 8th. The rationale, and a good one as far as I’m concerned, is that we need to get kids back in the classrooms before assembling them on the playing fields. It still allows for the summer conditioning

The Good and Bad of the Return of MLB

Baseball is back and I am fired up! So many great games already. Tons of TV coverage. It's unfortunate it took so long for them to get MLB up and going, but now it's here and it's awesome! Well, awesome with some glaring weaknesses. No fans in any ballpark is just beyond silly. Hard to believe nobody in MLB or the states that host games was smart enough to come up with a safe and socially distanced crowd plan of some sort? Instead we get cardboard cutouts of dogs, former presidents, hockey players and any other egregious gimmick you can think of for 50 bucks. Ugh. Another misstep is by ESPN. For a couple of games they have had Arod, who is one of the best, and Matt Vascursian in the studio,

This fan doesn't need to be in the stands

The signs of me getting old are there. It’s harder to stand-up without at least some form of a groan. My grandson outdrives me off the tee by at least 40 yards consistently. I have to take a break half-way through mowing our lawn. Last week I argued with a teen in our house that the music was way better “back in my day.” And then there’s this: I’d rather watch the Bosox from the comfort of my recliner in our air-conditioned living room. There’s the sure sign that something has changed in my life’s journey. Don’t get me wrong, being at Fenway Park is mighty awesome. Even inspiring. But during my most recent visit to Fenway, the “inspiring” didn’t match my “perspiring.” Last time I was at Fenw

Will we have a UMaine hockey season?

No college football in the state of Maine this fall. That's a sentence this journalist never thought he'd lead a column with. However, we're living in an uncertain time as the U.S. tries to control the COVID-19 pandemic. If we want to see Randy Moss's son Montigo suit up for the UMaine football team, it could be this spring. With UMaine and many other Pine Tree State institutions pulling the plug on fall sports last week, that begs the question from Kittery to Fort Kent: What will the UMaine hockey season look like? Will the puck drop in October? Even though hockey is classified as a winter sport in the eyes of the NCAA, the season typically starts early in the fall. But due to COVID-19, wil

Takes So Hot They Could Fry an Egg

No chance MLB gets to play the whole 60 game season and the playoffs. We are a mere three games in and already the Marlins have an outbreak and have cancelled their home opener. The Governor of California might not allow any more games in the state. The “bubbles” the NBA and the NHL have created might work. But this MLB plan just won’t. ----------------------- I know Mookie denied it last summer on WEEI, but I still think he didn't like playing in Boston. Maybe he didn’t hate it. But he sure didn’t love it. The Sox could have backed up the Brinks truck as they did for David Price. But how did that work out? It is a bummer for sure but Mookie just was not signing a nearly decade and a half de

Top 5 Cover songs of all time

Solari and Sterling's TOP 5 Cover Songs Of All Time SOLARI: Sympathy for the Devil- G N R Turn The Page- Metallica Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm You Really Got Me- Van Halen Walk This Way- Run DMC STERLING 1.Whiskey in the jar- Metallica 2. Nothing Compares To You- Chris Stapleton 3. Rockin in the Free World- Pearl Jam 4. Any song Chris Cornell ever covered 5. East Bound and Down-Jamey Johnson

Golf: A Local Cinderella Story

“Now the radar says it’s not even going to rain until after 7!” Those were the last words I said to Jeff Solari, proprietor of the fine publication you’re holding this very minute, before he bailed on our 5:20p tee time at the Muni. Jeff’s parting words to me were, “If I go, then it’ll rain. Since I decided not to, it’ll be beautiful.” And when I lipped out a 4 footer for par on #1 I believed Jeff. You see there is a very real fear that all hopeless golf degenerates share and that is that Caddyshack is a true story. Mainly the scene where the Bishop has the round of his life going and a rain of biblical proportions interrupts it, yet he plays through until on the 18th green where his record

Cam will be the Pats starter

Scott Zolak. Glenn Ordway. Two of Boston's biggest radio sports personalities delivered a similar hot take that sent shockwaves through Patriots Nation over the last week. Both guys, the former of whom is the Pats' radio color guy, believe that the team's Week 1 starter will be Jarrett Stidham as opposed to former MVP Cam Newton. Sorry gentlemen, but the 2020 Patriots belong to Newton unless he blows his knee out or Mo Lewis comes out of retirement and thumps him out of bounds. Bill Belichick is a smart head coach, but he's not foolish enough to hand over the keys to the best modern-day sports dynasty to a second-year quarterback who has attempted four NFL passes, one of which was a Pick 6 i

2020 is like a scene from Jaws

If I were more technically savvy I would put a caption on that pic from Jaws. Easily that damn shark represents 2020 and you and I are like the Captain, kicking and battling our way through the year. If you are a fan of the classic film you know this doesn’t end well for him. I’m hoping for a better outcome for us! By today's standards Jaws is a legit thriller. But four decades ago those early scenes where a young lady, a dog and a child all get eaten… well that was unheard of and horrifying. Movie goers didn’t know what they were in for when they took their seats in the theater. Just like all of us when we raised our glasses and welcomed in 2020 last New Years Eve. We have been very fortuna

The Redskins are Officially Changing Their Name. Is The Tail Wagging The Dog?

What's in a name? Judging from intensifying rancor and debate over the use of sports team nicknames some people deem offensive, a lot of passion, loyalty, anger, controversy, and personal pride are all encompassed in some more than others. The recent spate of monument defacement, statue destruction, and other forms of vandalism aimed at public landmarks has renewed efforts to remove or replace some sports team nicknames deemed offensive. It has also revived debate over how far amateur and professional sports franchises alike should go to placate people and groups offended by certain team names, as well as how far is too far to go. Current societal practice appears to cowtow and bow to any be

Boston's Best Non Championship Sports Moment

Boston is the “City of Champions” but once upon a time is was known simply as “The Hub”. The Hub had it’s share of moments, but as of the late 20th century, moments of glory were hard to come by. But in 1999, Boston hosted perhaps the most remembered All-Star Game in history and the greatest moment that the “Mid-Summer Classic” has ever seen. This isn’t about Pedro Martinez. This isn’t about him striking out the murder’s row of the steroid era or winning the MVP. This is about a real life “Field of Dreams” moment that happened on live television and probably 40,000 people jammed inside Fenway Park. Ted Williams rode a golf cart from center field, to the middle of the diamond and was engulfed

More Proof There Will Be No Football in Maine This Year

Just in case you missed it when I wrote it three weeks ago, I’ll write it again. I take no pleasure in it. But it’s my job to provide the reality check others in the media wont give you. There will be no college football in Maine this fall. It gives me a little pit in my stomach to write it. But is is what it is. Might as well deal with it. Last week the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) canceled its fall sports. Bowdoin College already had made that decision but now Bates and Colby won't be on the grid iron this fall either. Its only a matter of time before MMA and Husson reach the same hard decision. And within a week or so we’ll hear the same grim news out of the Univ

With No Games Being Played, Local Sports Fans are Still Craving Sports Coverage

I wrote a blog a few weeks back about how amazed I was that Sports Chowdah readership was at an all-time high without sports actually being played. Turns out New England sports fans are more rabid than ever during this pandemic. 98.5 The Sports Hub just had a perhaps record setting spring ratings period in Boston. According to Chad Finn of the Boston Globe, The Sports Hub owns the city in the coveted male 25-54 demographic. Felger and Mazz airs from 2-6pm. It could be the most listened to sports show in the country. They were #1 and rolled up an 18.9 share in April and a 19.2 in May. “Holy cow” is the quote from Chad. Overall the station finished #1 as did basically every show they have. The

Sports Chowdah Radio is Now SCR. Sports. Comedy. Rock

Sports. Comedy. Rock. Every hour. Tune in and during the course of any 60 minutes you’ll hear sports takes from Solari; a comedy time out with a well known comedian; Steve McKay throws out the local forecast and of course lots of 80’s and 90’s rock hits! All FREE and with only one short commercial break per hour. It’s the new and improved SCR. Check it out by clicking here. Download the streaming app for free from LIVE 365 or download the LIVE 365 skill on Alexa and say “Alexa, play Sports Chowdah Radio from Live 365.”

A Tale of Two QB's: Mahomes and Cam

Yes sir, the cotton that Kansas City Chiefs fans are walking in right now is pretty tall: the confetti just stopped falling on their Super Bowl victory (you remember, that one sporting event that happened this godforsaken year) and now their MVP quarterback is locked up for 3 more presidential terms. Why the sculptors used by the lords of the Pro Football Hall of Fame might as well ask Mr. Mahomes if he wants his current hair style on his bust, take his measurements for his gold jacket and ask if he prefers “Patrick” or “Pat”? There’s just no stopping this train, arguably the most talented quarterback in his first 3 seasons in the NFL is set to scorch the earth of the NFL until 2031. Patriot

I LOVE the Mahomes signing

Mike Played 9 seasons in the NFL including with the Chiefs from 2013-2015. As a defensive player, I’ve dreamed about what it must be like to take the field with a QB like Mahomes—to go out on defense and basically play worry free, knowing that regardless of how well (or poorly) you play as a unit, chances are really good that you will win the game. That’s how good Mahomes is and the Chiefs know it. That’s why they signed him to a contract so large that there are almost certainly going to be seasons where it’s hard to have any other large transactions on the roster. Take the 2020 season for example, where the salary cap is approximately 200 million. If we assume Mahomes’s contract is paid out

Mahomes is the highest paid athlete. Ever.

Un-Freaking-Believable. The Kansas City Chiefs just agreed to pay Patrick Mahomes almost twice as much money as Tom Brady has earned in his entire career. A half billion dollars. Just pause and ponder that for a moment. That’s 10 times what Dan Marino earned in his career. Joe Montana only earned $25 million in his amazing career. Mahomes will earn that by week 12 this season. That's because at $44 million a season, that breaks down to $2.7 million a game. Tom Brady made $74.1M his first 10 years. Patrick Mahomes could make $266.3M in his first 10 years. So Mahomes will make approx 359% more than Brady did through his 10th season. Damn. Mahomes contract value including two years remaining: $

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