Pats Fans Should Applaud The Cam Signing

A not-so-blissful off-season for the New England Patriots got a shade better on Sunday night. ESPN's Adam Scheffter reported that former league MVP Cam Newton is heading to Foxboro on a one-year, incentive-laden deal. While I was never the biggest fan of the former Heisman Trophy winner - primarily because of the shady behavior exhibited by Newton's father during his time at Auburn - this is a signing that makes sense for the Pats, especially football wise. New England's quarterback depth heading into training camp? Second-year man Jarrett Stidham and career backup Brian Hoyer. Not exactly the firepower needed to win track meets against Baltimore and Kansas City. When he's healthy, Newton is

The Return of Pro Sports Is Absurd

Pro sports is allegedly on the cusp of returning. Returning in various forms of gimmickry, ridiculousness and absurdity that is. The NBA continues, in my eyes , to be the biggest joke of them all. They are picking a state with the highest daily rate of Corona cases in the country and putting 22 teams all in one city. Then, once they have them in that city, or bubble as they call it, mandating that they not leave it. Good luck with that. After all pro athletes historically have been so good at following simple rules, this should be a piece of cake. Their format is clownish. An 8 game " sprint" to the finish, then playoffs? This circus won't conclude until the time the 2020 -2021 season is sup

Cam Newton To The Pats? This Just Might Make Sense

I should have seen this coming. 2020 has been blacked out, peeing in the dish washer level drunk for 3 months. Nothing that happens between now and December 31stshould surprise me. Global pandemic? Tom Brady leaves New England? Murder hornets? Sure, pile it on. Like Mike Tyson after he bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off (23 years ago yesterday) nothing should surprise me about 2020. Masks, NBA games in an Orlando bubble (Moores vs Moops) and spending a Saturday night watching a Garth Brooks concert laid out in the bed of my truck. The new normal has become more normal. Then the Patriots signed Cam Newton. Like the ending to The Sopranos, it makes all the sense in the world and absolutely none a

Remembering Ed Sheffer

Last week we tragically lost one of my favorite people. Ed was a kind, supportive, generous and amazing friend. He was a very successful local business owner and supported my Sports Chowdah project since day 1. For the rest of my life I am lucky enough to carry two of his unique custom pieces of art on my body. I truly miss him and send nothing but my deepest condolences to his family, employees, friends and loved ones. -SOLARI Ed William Sheffer, 47, of Holden, Maine, was tragically taken from us in a motorcycle accident on June 16, 2020. Ed was born in Portland, Maine, attended Bonny Eagle High School in Standish, and graduated from Minuteman High School in Lexington, Massachusetts. At an

We Rip Off Facebook

TOP 5 TV SITCOM DADS OF ALL TIME STERLING (The Good) 1. Frank Costanza- Seinfeld 2. Tim " The Toolman" Taylor- Home Improvement 3. Sheriff Andy Taylor- Andy Griffith Show 4. Hank Hill- King of the Hill 5. Red Foreman- That 70's Show SOLARI (The Bad) Frank Costanza- Seinfeld Peter Griffin- Family Guy Al Bundy- Married With Children Beau Bennett- The Ranch Homer Simpson- The Simpsons Give us your top 5. E Mail or see our Facebook page

Who is The Worst Commissioner in Sports

Death, taxes and the commissioner of a major American sport getting a round of boos upon presenting a championship trophy. Those are things that are all a given in life. Roger Goodell wasted no time in getting off of the podium in the aftermath of the Patriots' dramatic Super Bowl LI comeback. NHL boss Gary Betteman was booed so loudly in Vancouver upon awarding the Bruins the 2011 Stanley Cup the boos could've been heard in Seattle. Adam Silver probably won't be a popular man if he gets on the TD Garden microphone to hand the Celtics their 18th championship. That brings us to the question: Who is the most unpopular commish in the four major sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL)? In the minds of many

Best Father-Son (Daughter) Sports Duos Of All Time

10. Ken Norton Sr & Jr- The father was the heavyweight champion of the world and beat Ali in 1973. Ken Jr. is the only player to ever win 3 Super Bowls in a row as a linebacker for the Cowboys (XXVII-XXVIII) and 49ers (XXIX). 9. Jackie & Matthew Slater- Sentimental choice, but Jackie Slater is a hall of famer and Matthew has a chance to do the same. The Senior Slater played 20-years for the Rams and retired having set the record for most games played in the NFL. Matthew has been the emotional leader of the New England Patriots since 2008 and won 3 Super Bowl rings. Matthew could be the first predominant special teams player to be inducted into Canton. 8. Howie Long + Chris & Kyle- Dad is one

Most Likely We Won't Have College Football in Maine This Year

The first domino has fallen. And it won’t be the last. Bowdoin College announced they are canceling the Polar Bears football season. Some have criticized the decision as being premature given they did it on the second day of summer. However at small and mid-level colleges and universities all across the country the same decision is being made, has been made or is about to be announced. That most likely includes other local schools like Husson, Colby, MMA and potentially even at the Division I level at the University of Maine. Let’s back up a little bit. You’ve probably seen in the news that big time schools and conferences are planning to play football this year. With or without fans in the

DEBATE: TB 12 is less Likable than BB

If you are a Patriots fan you love Tom Brady. You adore Bill Belichick. Me too. We should be eternally grateful for the amount of pure joy, the number of wins, Super Bowl appearances, titles and success they have brought to us the past 20 years. It has made your life better. You feel better about yourself. You feel proud of your team. And your region. I love to wear my Patriots attire when I travel around the country. The more people glare at me and the more snide the comments, the happier I get. Coast To coast the Patriots, Brady and Belichick are about as popular as tax audits, root canals and Dysentery. If you rank them I’m not even sure in what order they would finish against those compe

DEBATE: Bill wears the black hat

By Sterling Pingree Jeffery. It brings me no pleasure to announce that you are wrong yet again. In the legal separation of Belichick, Bill vs. Brady, Thomas; the national hatred rests on the shoulders of the coach. Belichick is the authority. He’s “The Man” that people have rebelled against since rebellion was a thing. People feel that the New England Patriots are a corporate machine, with their robotic interviews and all that winning. They’re the most efficient football machine we’ve ever seen; more dominant than Landry’s Cowboys, longer lasting than Noll’s Steelers and more explosive than Lombardi’s Packers. If people aren’t rooting for you, they’re rooting against you and Bill Belichick w

Too much time on my hands

I’m more than a bit worried these days. Yes, certainly about our country. However, lately my concern is for self preservation. You see, I’m beginning to wonder just how messed up I was from the start. Without the wicked temptation of 24 hour sports access, my life has truly experienced a revelation. The “honey do” list has been completed. Heck, I even have time for projects I didn’t know needed to be done. With no local games to attend, coach, referee or umpire, I feel as though I am withdrawing quicker than a scared turtle.I checked out Sportscenter the other afternoon and that’s basically the same drama we get on local news at 6 & 11. No thank you!! The only sports action I have experience

No sports? No worries. Garth is saving the day

Garth Brooks is the greatest musical act of all time. He’s sold more albums than everybody except the Beatles. He’s the only act with 8 albums that were certified diamond (more than 10 million sold) and he once held a concert in Central Park that attracted roughly ONE MILLION PEOPLE. Think about that, Garth had a concert that attracted a crowd, roughly the size of the entire population for the state of Maine. Now, Troyal Garth Brooks (I always wondered what Troy was short for) is coming to Bangor to save our summer! (Sort of.) Garth, King of the Box Set and innovator of avenues to make money, announced on Good Morning America last week that on June 27th he will be hosting a concert that will

Fans at UMaine home games this fall? No chance.

I like optimism. And I like optimistic people. But sometimes folks need a reality check. Right now the University of Maine is selling season ticket packages to Black Bear home football games. That must be the definition of "wide eyed optimist" because it would seem to me there’s at least a 95% chance fans will not be allowed to attend most, if any, of those games. Maine‘s first home game is September 12th. I know that’s a long way off. But as we sit here in mid June, the southern part of our state is barely open for business. And here in the north, which mercifully has had a minimum number of Coronavirus cases, we are half open at best. To think that in a little more than two months Governor

Is Belichick the next Jerry Krause?

There's no doubt "The Last Dance" documentary has been the sports hot topic of the spring in a spring where courts, fields and rinks are darkened. It's also no secret the late Jerry Krause, the general manager of those legendary Chicago Bulls teams, was the architect in blowing things up after the 1997-98 season. His relationship with Michael Jordan wasn't always the best, after the Bulls had put Jordan on a "minutes restriction" in 1986 following his foot injury, angering basketball's Greatest Of All Time and souring Jordan's working relationship with Bulls brass. Fast-forward to this century and another dynasty. The New England Patriots. The Pats don't have a GM. Head coach Bill Belichick

More sports takes for your money

Pondering some thoughts while enjoying my Friday coffee and catching up on "Bar Rescue" episodes I missed in lieu of "The Last Dance." - I have a lot of respect for Drew Brees as a quarterback. The New Orleans Saints star is right on par with Tom Brady in terms of playing at a high level at such a late juncture in his career, and if not for a bad call against the Saints in the 2019 NFC Championship Game, the two would've matched up in Super Bowl LIII. But Brees' comments condemning players for protesting social injustice for kneeling during the national anthem in the wake of the death of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer were ill-timed. Brees has since apologized, but taking the J

Listen Closely: Local athletic fields are calling us

Is it just my imagination, or are our local athletic fields summoning us to come visit them? I know, odd question. More on that later. So, how’s your “new normal” going these days? I don’t know of anyone who isn’t living through a major routine shift compared to what we were doing months ago before all this “stuff” hit us. For some of us, daily patterns have been altered dramatically, with working from home duties, online school kids underfoot, and unfortunately, easy access to the previously out-of-reach junk food drawer in the kitchen. One positive change for the Mrs. ‘n me is a more consistent walking routine. We’ve been fairly diligent with our huffing and puffing along the streets of Or

I Miss Baseball...

2020 was shaping up to be a big concert year for me. Sturgill Simpson (top of my concert bucket list) at the Garden, field tickets to Guns N Roses at Fenway Park and Kiss at the Waterfront, all made up my schedule of summer 2020. But I still miss baseball more. Baseball is every day. It’s such a part of life in the warmer months, that even with humid 88 degree weather like we have had, it still doesn’t feel like summer yet. It’s like we’re having some unseasonably warm mid-March days, because at 7:10pm I’m not tuning into Red Sox baseball. Think about this: you have never had a summer in your life without the Red Sox playing baseball games. (Players didn’t go on strike in 1994 until August 1

I Miss Concerts....

It’s going to be weird not going to Fenway Park this summer. I was very much looking forward to seeing some of the biggest names play there. You know. Def Leppard. Motley Crue. Joan Jett. Guns N’ Roses. But now that’s not going to happen. And it bothers me a whole lot more that I’m missing out on all of these acts than missing seeing the Red Sox play in their home ballpark. Look I love the Sox. I have for more than 40 years. I really am missing seeing them on TV and listening to the games on the radio. But the summer of 2020 for me was going to be filled with great concerts. At multiple locations. But this is the summer that the music has died. I was certainly hoping to go to a game or two a

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